Name: Dare to Dream
Agency / Organizer: WINK Creative Experiential Agency
Client: Bud, Anheuser-Busch Inbev
Country Netherlands

How did Bud differentiate themselves strategically in the Netherlands and drive cultural credibility within an oversaturated beer market? Bud’s brand purpose has always been about energizing people to seize opportunity and follow their dreams. Inspired by the idea that great things can happen when dreams are shared, they introduced Dare-to-dream, an innovative 360 campaign inviting consumers to fulfill their most cherished desire.

Who is brave enough to share their dream with the world? Bud’s dream bottle brand activation uses personalization at scale, inventing a customizable dream bottle. Each creation becomes a palpable vehicle for dreams claimed by the Bud fan. What’s more, big and small, the winning dreams come true.


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