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Eventex Awards is giving you the opportunity to nominate an eventprof that you believe deserves to be part of our stellar jury of experts.

The benefits of being an Eventex Awards judge

Becoming part of the prestigious Eventex Awards jury comes with multiple benefits, some of them including:
Consolidating your image as an industry expert since we select only the best and brightest
Enhancing your and your organization’s reputation
Extra exposure for you and the organization you represent, including an individual profile page on the Eventex website, as well as our regular updates, including newsletters and social media posts
Bragging rights that come with evaluating the world’s #1 awards for events and experience marketing
Inspiration as you get to evaluate the most creative events and solutions out there
Demonstrating your expertise to the whole world by leaving constructive feedback and helping others improve
Working alongside some of the industry’s biggest names
Networking opportunities that come with being part of the tight-knit Eventex community.
This is just a small selection of the numerous benefits and opportunities you can enjoy as an Eventex Awards judge.
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What it takes to be an Eventex Awards judge

Note that the Eventex Awards jury largely consists of the industry’s most prominent names — renowned journalists from leading event magazines, heads of associations and convention bureaus, as well as the most creative minds, top influencers, and thought leaders. To that end, we are looking for:
Extensive and relevant industry experience demonstrated through an impressive work record
A suitable position within your organization that reflects stellar relevant expertise and a high level of responsibility
Someone withevents industry and community influence
Objectivity when evaluating Eventex Awards entries
Commitment to helping others learn, to be expressed through valuable feedback for Eventex Awards entrants.
Do you think you or someone you know has what it takes to be an Eventex Awards judge? We’d love to hear from you.

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