Entry evaluation

Eventex Awards is a completely transparent competition. Once the winners are announced, every entry, vote and comment is made public. The awards page becomes a showcase of the best practices, the most original ideas, and the top innovations in the world of events.

Submission process

When you submit an entry for Eventex Awards, our team checks if it meets the requirements. Once approved, your entries are ready to be evaluated by the panel of judges.


For the judging panel we invite experts and professionals with years of experience in events – event magazine journalists, heads of associations, representatives of convention bureaus, top influencers and thought leaders from the industry.

Each entry is evaluated by 5 to 10 judges. Judges are assigned to award categories in accordance with their field of expertise. Every judge is required to declare affiliations with any of the competing entries and is not assigned to a category with such entries.

The People’s Choice category is decided by public voting.

What winners get

  • Winners trophy, 2nd and 3rd place trophy
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Featured in the online ceremony
  • Digital seal

The rating system

Top priority for us is making sure the most worthy entries get the recognition they deserve. The Eventex Awards ratings are based on 3 key criteria:

For events

0 %
Creativity &
0 %
Planning &
0 %
Effectiveness & Results

For agencies & teams, technologies, suppliers, destinations, venues, and hotels.

0 %
Growth & Achievements
0 %
Creativity & Innovation (Case Study)
0 %
Effectiveness & Results (Case Study)

The judges evaluate an entry with scores from 1 to 10 in 3 separate criteria. Each criteria has a set weight and together they form the total score of the entry. The entry with the highest overall score is awarded first place. Second and third place are also announced and awarded trophies. Only an entry with an overall score of 70 or better in a category can be announced as its winner.

Our Research and Development team spent years perfecting this process. We focused on better structure and a more accurate, fair and balanced method of evaluating each entry in a given category.

The Best Event award goes to the event with the highest rating across all event categories. The People’s Choice category is decided by public voting.

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