The Online Ceremony

How do you make an awards show more accessible to a wider international audience? By making it entirely online, of course, even the ceremony itself. Especially the ceremony!

For the past seven years, the Eventex Awards were presented at a glamorous ceremony,  a black-tie gala night where we announced the winners of the coveted accolades. The ceremony was exclusive, and the guest list was mostly made up with the finalists. An online ceremony changes that.

  • Now you can join in with zero effort, in the blink of an eye! Being part of Eventex Awards has never been this easy.
  • Join the conversation on social media before, during and after the ceremony. It’s a great way to generate buzz and improve the company’s image with existing and potential customers.
  • You can organize your own branded event around the online ceremony, engaging your customers and employees.

The 8th edition of Eventex Awards will be held entirely online and will have the biggest audience yet.

No matter if you’re one of the deserved winners of an award or just tuning in to be inspired by the latest from the world of events, Eventex Awards 2018 is the show you want to be a part of.

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Entering Eventex Awards comes at a fraction of the cost of similar competitions. It’s a smart investment that yields lasting benefits for your business.

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