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Top 20 Event Organizers & Agencies Revealed

Creative Universe
Grasl & Partners
Creative pro
The oval office
St(r)andplaats Nederzandt
Walk events
Feira viva
BG Be Active
Experience Willow LLC
Connections Meetings
Im creative

Top 20 Event Organizers & Agencies

The Global Event Awards celebrate the most innovative, creative and effective events from around the world. The competition runs since 2011 and has more than 1000 entries from over 70 countries. The index is based on a weighted score that takes into account the number of wins over the past 4 years and allocates points for gold, silver and bronze trophies as the points for the grand prix winners are doubled.

Rank Company Country Score
1 Xsaga Netherlands 880
2 Momentum Worldwide United States 730
2 Verve The Live Agency Ireland 730
4 Liverpool City Council United Kingdom 520
5 St(r)andplaats Nederzandt Netherlands 460
6 Lidl Bulgaria 390
7 Tapahtumantekijät Oy Finland 340
8 IM Creative United States 330
9 Creative Pro Slovakia 300
9 Walk Events Sp. z o.o. Poland 300
11 AIM Group International Italy 260
12 Connections United Kingdom 230
12 Creative Universe Australia 230
14 FEIRA VIVA – Cultura e Desporto e.m. Portugal 200
15 BG Be Active Bulgaria 170
16 Grasl & Partner Event und Marketing GmbH Austria 160
16 The Oval Office bvba Belgium 160
18 Brandnew Russia 150
18 Experience Willow LLC United States 150
20 Produce UK United Kingdom 140

The index takes into account the number of wins over the past 4 years and allocates a weighted score for gold, silver and bronze trophies. Gold is worth 100 points, Silver is worth 50 points, Bronze is worth 30 points, all finalists get 10 points. Grand prix are worth double! Last updated: 13 December 2017

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