Eventex Аll-Stars

Top 20 Event Organizers & Agencies

Experience Willow LLC
Lech Zuers
Media Apparat
Fast forward
Departament New&Wow Marketing
Im creative
Creative pro
Feira viva
Walk events
The oval office
Connections Meetings

Top 20 Event Organizers & Agencies

The Global Event Awards celebrate the most innovative, creative and effective events from around the world. Since 2009 more than а thousand entries from over 85 countries have competed for the prestigious Eventex Awards. The index is based on a weighted score that takes into account the number of wins over the past 3 years and allocates points for second and third places.

Rank Company Country Score
1 Xsaga Netherlands 930
2 Momentum Worldwide United Kingdom 580
3 Kenes Group Switzerland 470
4 BIND Netherlands 460
4 Creative Pro Slovakia 460
6 Fast Foward events Belgium 330
6 Lidl Bulgaria 330
8 CRITEO Austria 300
9 AIM Group International Italy 250
9 VOK DAMS Agency for Events and Live-Marketing Germany 250
11 Connections United Kingdom 230
11 Gueslist4good LLP India 230
11 IM Creative United States 230
11 Verve The Live Agency Ireland 230
15 Market Emotion Russia 200
15 Walk Events Poland 200
17 Lech Zürs Tourismus Gmbh Austria 180
18 Artego Productions Italy 150
18 Brandnew Russia 150
18 DEPARTÁMENT Russia 150
18 Experience Willow LLC United States 150
18 FEIRA VIVA – Cultura e Desporto e.m. Portugal 150
18 Maxmedium Agency Russia 150
18 Media Apparat Austria 150
18 The Oval Office bvba United States 150

The index takes into account the number of wins over the past 3 years and allocates a weighted score for gold, silver and bronze trophies. Gold is worth 100 points, Silver is worth 50 points, Bronze is worth 30 points. Last updated: 22 May 2018

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