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September 7, 2023

Eventex People’s Choice Awards: Free for all

Eventex Awards, the world’s leading accolade for events and experience marketing, which keeps reinventing itself time and again, is making its People’s Choice Awards free to enter this year. This is part of a larger category revamp which promises to make this time around even more inspiring than last year’s record-breaking edition

Why free? 

While every single accolade awarded by our expert jury marks an amazing achievement and recognition for those who receive it, the People’s Choice Awards underscore the broader appeal of an entry to the public and industry peers. That’s one of the reasons we are making them free for everyone to enter, along with: 

  • We are looking forward to bringing even more of the magic, beauty, and joy of events to the broader public as we all celebrate the industry recovery which is now complete;  
  • We would like to give companies on a tight marketing budget the chance to shine and get exposure in the world’s most acclaimed competition for events and get inspired;

These are just a couple of the reasons why our People’s Choice Awards are as accessible as can be. 

Why do you need a People’s Choice Award? 

While winning a jury-awarded Eventex accolade gives you the recognition of top-of-the-line industry experts, along with invaluable feedback, a Public’s Choice award has its own benefits, including: 

  • Proving that your entry has the power to enchant the public
  • A different perspective on your entry, with the public more likely to focus on the overall atmosphere and emotion of your project, unlike the jury which has a strict set of criteria; 
  • A chance for you to engage with your audience as you urge them to vote for your entry/entries;

This means that winning a People’s Choice award, on its own, or in addition to another Eventex award is an extra testament to the quality and appeal of your project, further elevating your reputation and boosting your marketing power.

The dolce finale to the main course  

You can think of a People’s Choice award as the sweet finish to the jury-awarded Eventex award, which remains the industry’s most valuable recognition, reserved only for the crème de la crème in the world of events and experience marketing. 

An Eventex award is a third-party seal of approval given by none other but a selection of the industry’s most prominent names, and based on a string of carefully developed criteria. As such, it gives you marketing power, sets you apart from the competition, and ultimately boosts your customer count and by implication, your revenue. 

An Eventex award further offers jury recognition for a fine-tuned category or categories (rather than the broad strokes of our People’s Choice Awards), meaning that you really get to shine in your element. Eventex Awards feature 300+ categories, however, if you need assistance picking the best one for your entry or entries, our friendly team is just a call away.  


Making our People’s Choice Awards free is just one of the awesome changes in Eventex Awards 2024. This year’s category revamp also includes: 

Ready for the spotlight? 

Feel inspired to take a shot at the stars? Registration for Eventex Awards 2024 is now open. You can enter now and change your categories later. 


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