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July 27, 2023

Spotlight on Venues: the new Eventex Awards track   

Since its inception back in 2009, Eventex Awards has been striving to be at the forefront of the industry, not just celebrating the greatest achievements in the world of events and experience marketing, but also, recognizing current and anticipating future trends. To that end, with each new edition, our category structure gets a revamp, and this year, one of the biggest changes we are introducing is our new track showcasing venues, hotels, and destinations

Why venues? 

As the industry (and the world as a whole) breathed a sigh of relief after a couple of years of pandemic restrictions and travel bans, in-person events returned with a bang. This trend, which, barring any unforeseen circumstances, is set to continue, gives us the confidence to predict that venues will take center stage going forward.

We also believe that venues deserve to be recognized separately because: 

  • They showcase events and provide a unique atmosphere like nothing else; 
  • The transformation of a venue to accommodate a specific event is its own feat;
  • Despite the lifting of Covid restrictions, the increased post-pandemic health awareness means that venues should always be at the top of their game in terms of health and overall safety standards
  • The growing focus on sustainability puts further pressure on venues to measure up.

All of this makes venues worthy of their own track in Eventex Awards. 

One track, multiple categories  

In addition to everything above, venues are also extremely multifaceted, which is why the track features the following groups, each with its own multitude of categories

  • Venues — a group that celebrates the versatility of venues, from academic to wedding and everything in between;
  • Hotels — hotels are their own galaxy in the wider venue universe, so this group welcomes them all, be it an airport or luxury hotel, a hotel chain, or another type entirely; 
  • Destinations — a venue is often defined by its location, so this group turns the spotlight on destinations around the world, along with destinations defined by their purpose, such as sports, entertainment, sustainability, etc. 

Naturally, we realize that a venue might fit more than one group or category, which is why you can enter it in as many categories as you wish, or book a call with the Eventex team to find the one(s) that will fit like a glove. 

Why your venue needs an (Eventex) award

In case you’re wondering if your venue, hotel, or destination needs an award, to begin with, here’s why:

  • An award is a third-party seal of approval, boosting the reputation of your venue; 
  • Participating alone is great for marketing and generating positive publicity;
  • Your venue will get more exposure, while you get the opportunity to attract new strategic partners or customers; 
  • An award can boost the morale of your team and venue staff
  • Participating in Eventex Awards specifically will make you and your venue part of a vibrant community, giving you access to useful resources and networking opportunities; 
  • It’s great for your bottom line — 80% of our participants have grown their client base after the awards.

See you on the other side 

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