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August 24, 2023

New Eventex Awards categories celebrate the art of  Weddings & Private Events Planning

The magic of weddings (and private events) 

If we look from the customer’s perspective, there is hardly an event more magical and memorable than a wedding — it is a celebration of love, joy, and the beauty of life. And at the same time, its organization is no less demanding than that of a top-notch public event, while the scale of some personal events in terms of attendance easily overshoots that of some corporate events, for example. So, organizing a private event to rival the industry’s finest, while infusing it with the emotion of a personal celebration is a feat worth recognizing.  

That’s just one of the reasons we at Eventex Awards believe that weddings, along with other significant private events, deserve more prominence. That and:

  • Celebrating the beauty of privacy — there is an inherent beauty that comes with a private event, be it a wedding, a baptism, or a birthday party — by definition, it’s personal and intimate, and as such, it takes specific skills and organization to capture this type of emotion. Then, we all know the old adage of a girl having imagined the perfect wedding day all her life, and the event professionals that are able to make that happen deserve special recognition; 
  • Personal doesn’t mean less-of-a-challenge— we at Eventex Awards believe that every event regardless of its size or perceived significance deserves recognition if it meets its objectives and dazzles us with a display of excellence. This has always been part of our philosophy, and having a special group to showcase weddings and private events is in line with that; 
  • Unique specifics — organizing a private event, and especially a wedding, poses unique challenges for the organizer, including being trusted with the single most important event in the customer’s life. Starting from the work and coordination of multiple and versatile vendors (ceremony and reception venues, florists, photographer, videographer, etc.), setting up custom entertainment and special effects, along with catering mean that event professionals have their hands full ensuring that getting hitched goes without a hitch. 

Given the above, Eventex Awards 2024 features a special group within the Events track to recognize the efforts and skills of event industry professionals who make the magic of weddings and private events happen. 

Categories overview

Despite the common theme of being private, personal celebrations can be quite diverse, which is why the group encompasses several relevant categories: 

  • Weddings — naturally, you can expect a category devoted to weddings alone, no matter if they are traditional or innovative, big or small; 
  • Parties — this group also features a couple of categories dedicated to parties covering anything from birthday celebrations to bridal showers and everything in between; 
  • Religious ceremonies — religion plays a major role in personal celebrations, which is why Eventex Awards 2024 features a dedicated category to showcase the most memorable church weddings, Diwali celebrations, bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies, or any other event using religious traditions as inspiration. 

Note that if you are unsure which exact category fits your personal celebration best, you can reach out to the Eventex team to guide you through your options.  

Why enter a personal celebration for an (Eventex) award 

Now, you may be wondering, why a wedding or a private event needs to be recognized with an award and what’s in it for you. Let’s quickly take you through some of the benefits:

  • Third-party seal of approval — winning an acclaimed award such as Eventex will significantly elevate the reputation of your services; 
  • Positive marketing buzz — participation alone will create positive publicity, putting your brand into the spotlight; 
  • Getting a leg up on the competition — winning a highly acclaimed award for events such as Eventex will set you apart from the crowd, showing the world that your weddings and private events are world-class; 
  • A rise in customers and revenue — the reputational boost and marketing power of awards tend to yield a rise in customers and by implication, revenue; 
  • Feedback from a world-class jury — you will benefit from constructive feedback from the renowned Eventex jury, regardless of whether you win an award or not; 
  • Boosting team morale — entering awards is a clear signal to your team that they are not only doing a great job but that you have confidence in their skills and work; 
  • Joining a community of stellar event industry professionals — entering Eventex Awards also means entering a vibrant community with unbeatable perks including networking opportunities and access to valuable resources. 

Let’s get this party started   

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