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The "Top 100 Event Organizers & Agencies" for 2023 are here - see thе full list
The "Top 100 Event Organizers & Agencies" for 2023 are here - see thе full list
November 24, 2021

What is Eventex

What is Eventex

Founded in 2009, today Eventex is the leading authority dedicated to celebrating the world of events and recognizing the crème de la crème in the industry. It’s best known for Eventex Awards - the world’s #1 awards for events & experience marketing. With its vast reach and huge international audience, the organization has been helping companies of all sizes for more than 12 years now to showcase their excellent work and grow their business.

Eventex Awards

Eventex Awards is an annual awards competition for outstanding achievements, top quality services, or creativity, in producing cutting-edge events and experiences. The various category winners are decided by a prestigious jury. The panel of judges is picked every year from renowned people in the industry - journalists at leading event magazines, heads of associations, representatives of convention bureaus, influencers, creative gurus and thought leaders. All award tracks have their own public voting round as well, where Eventex Awards’ international audience gets to pick their own winners. The trophy awarded to the winners is the ultimate symbol of success in the industry.

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The Eventex Index

Eventex Index

The Eventex Index aims to recognize the most awarded brands and agencies. Under the umbrella of Eventex Index, the organization releases and updates annually lists of the top companies in specific regions, as well as across the globe, based on the number of prestigious event industry awards (not just Eventex Awards accolades) they’ve received over a period of time.The index currently includes the “Eventex 500” – the top event organizers and agencies in the world, the “Top 80 Event Organizers & Agencies in UK & Ireland”, the “Top 150 Event Organizers & Agencies in USA”, all based on the number of prestigious awards won.

Eventex 500 | The Top 150 Event Organizers & Agencies in USA | The Top 80 Event Organizers & Agencies in UK & Ireland

The 100 Most Influential People

Another imperative for the Eventex team is to help acknowledge the exceptional individuals who have left a mark on the industry with their creativity and visionary approach towards experiential marketing and memorable event experiences. This is where “The 100 Most Influential People” comes in. Unlike Eventex Awards and The Eventex Index, this annual listing is decided entirely by the event professionals from around the world - they get to first nominate and then vote for the people they believe have left a mark in the industry with their creativity, vision and innovation. 🤩 The 100 Most Influential People

Eventex through the years

In 2009 Eventex started off as a conference-cum-festival for the event industry, which slowly grew into the largest event of this kind in Eastern Europe. The following year saw the addition of Eventex Awards as part of the conference. Through the years Eventex grew exponentially in popularity and amassed a large international audience. Eventually, the organization switched to an online-only format to make things more accessible for its ever-increasing audience. Today Eventex is widely considered as one of the staples of the industry.

Eventex in numbers

  • 12+ years of excellence
  • 90+ countries
  • 1500+ companies
  • 2500+ award entries
  • 200+ international judges

The Eventex team

Eventex was co-founded by Ovanes Ovanessian and Simona Harizanova, young industry professionals at the time, with huge passion for everything events. They quickly found like-minded people to become part of the Eventex team, dreamers who believe everything is possible and who live and breathe events. Nowadays the organization has small teams in London, Barcelona, LA, and the headquarters in Sofia.

Sustainability cause and efforts

As an organization, Eventex has always been at the forefront of sustainability and social responsibility efforts in the industry. The company was one of the first to adopt a fully virtual approach with its conference and awards. Members of the Sofia and France teams started working from home all the way back in 2016 and today everyone in the organization works remotely.

The Eventex Awards trophy itself is notable not just for its stylish modern design, but because it’s made of post-consumer packaging plastic waste processed into a new material with unique properties, amazing texture and high weight. The complementary material is an iron sheet with high recycled content as well, painted with water-based paint.Up until 2020 the shortlisted entries in the competition received a commemorative trophy. As part of the organization’s considerable sustainability efforts, starting with the 2022 edition of the competition, the commemorative keepsakes are not made in advance anymore. Winners have the option to request for the trophies to be made and sent to them. As always, the Eventex Awards team provides more than enough digital goods and online promotional materials to support its participants, which has proven to be more effective and helps a ton with growing their brand.

The Eventex community

Eventex has a growing community of top professionals in the event industry. From event planners and brand managers to tech teams and suppliers, we’re all united by our passion for everything events. Eventex is dedicated to keeping its members up to date with the latest trends, introducing best practices, and facilitating networking and collaboration between them. Notable Eventex initiatives include:

  • Eventex Creative Series - inspiring case studies from some of the Eventex awards winners and insightful talks by some of the industry’s leaders
  • Eventex B2B Matchmaking 2020 - 2 days online b2b event full of business opportunities and inspiration
  • Shut up, COVID, the industry’s talking - three special episodes that focus exclusively on the crisis facing our industry – a set of insightful talks and crisis management ideas from thought leaders and prominent eventprofs.

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