Eventex Index 2021

Eventex Index 2021

Top 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry

Vote for the people who left a mark on the events world with their creativity, vision, capacity for innovation in 2021.

Nomination period

6 – 14 October 2021


15 – 23 October 2021

Announcing the results

1 November 2021

Voting Instructions

Who in your opinion has influenced the event industry the most lately? Now you get to have your say!

  • Vote for up to 10 of the nominees on the list
  • You can give one vote per nominee
  • Click on the nominee name to see their full profile (photo, short bio, headline and social media links)
  • Click on the “star” symbol to vote for a person (note: no other confirmation is required)
  • All nominees are sorted alphabetically
  • Your votes are automatically stored in your profile
  • Deadline for casting your vote: 23 October

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