Best Association Meeting

Any professional association event, no matter the industry, length or frequency can compete in this category where we single out the most outstanding association meeting!

Best Conference

This category presents a global stage for organizers to showcase their conference, regardless of topic, location, size and target audience.

Best Educational Event

Any internal or external training sessions, workshops, seminars, masterclasses and educational courses are eligible for an award in this category.

Best Medical Congress

One of the largest and most attended type of events globally, an event sector in its own right, this category includes medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare specialist events.

Best Scientific Congress

This category is dedicated to the scientific community and their professional gatherings, including congresses, conferences, conventions, symposia, forums, etc.

Best Tech Event

Technology has radically transformed most industries which is why tech events deserve their own category. Here you will find anything from small geeky gatherings to large high tech conferences.

Best Gala

The Gala – queen of all parties is a special breed of celebratory events with unique entertainment, sophisticated themes and special guests.


Best Brand Engagement Event

Events that have strong post-event engagement or built great customer relationships fall into this category. Can be a digital or live event as long as it has a memorable long-term impact.

Best Campaign Event

This category is suitable for all educational, informational, advocacy, lobbying, or promotional events as part of a campaign.

Best CSR Event

In a world where true success in business is measured by a triple bottom line, this category offers an opportunity to showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, fundraisers, sustainable initiatives, educational and training courses and any other event that contributes to the improvement of the social, environmental and economic development of local communities and society at large.

Best Experiential Event

Events organized to create engaging experiences and emotional draw towards a product or service are welcome to WOW us in this category.

Best Interactive Outdoor Event

This category includes literally any type of experiential event as long as it takes place outdoors and features interactive elements.

Best Pop-up Event

A category dedicated to masterfully planned impromptu meetings, exquisite spontaneous celebrations, anticipated but unexpected happenings which ultimately impress audiences and draw new crowds.

Best Product Launch

Mass or niche events, created to introduce a new product or service and deliver branded entertainment, will feel right at home in this category!

Best Promotional Event

This category is an opportunity to showcase your promotional projects, be it brand activation or CRM campaigns, loyalty programmes, partnerships, special offers, competitions, in-store activities, merchandising or tie-ins.


Best Art Event

This category is all about drawing inspiration from art in all its forms, genres, media and styles: dance, music, literature, street art, exhibitions, installations, performances, etc.

Best Cultural Event

Parades, shows, art exhibitions, concerts, festivals, fairs, and events that promote culture or cultural sensitivity belong to this category.

Best Festival

Music, film, art, food or any other event that celebrates a specific theme can compete in this category.

Best Live Show

This category features events that take place in front of a live audience, including TV and radio broadcasts, fashion shows, competitions, games, comedy, theater, circus, concerts etc. The jury will distinguish the most innovative, dynamic or spectacular live performance.

Best Sporting Event

All competitions, tournaments, marathons, races, games, team sports and other sporting events are eligible for this award.


Best Corporate Event

Any business event intended to reward, honor or educate the staff, shareholders or customers (e.g. seminars, incentives, roundtables, cycle meetings, corporate parties).

Best Customer Engagement Event

Any type of customer-centric event which is all about delivering relevant, personalized and customized experiences for existing and potential clients.

Best Employee Engagement Event

Internal events which have brought HR to the next level as part of an integrated employee engagement strategy. The competing events can be incentive trips, reward programmes, teambuilding, employee appreciation etc.


Best Cause Event

Charities and events which support special causes will be recognized in this awards category.


Best Event

The top award to win this year in the events world, this category honors extraordinary events that set an example in the industry! All events registered for Eventex Awards enter the “Grand Prix” category automatically and free of charge. The winner is the entry with the highest average rating.

People's choice Event

The significance of any event is the greatest when people recognize and appreciate it. Here, the audience is the judge, and events from all categories are automatically eligible for this award. Being a winner in this category is a true tribute! The entry with the most verified public votes wins.

Best Agency

The title Best Event Agency will be awarded to the winner in most categories or the winner with the highest accumulated average rating. All agencies registered with one or more events for Eventex Awards are eligible for this “Grand Prix” category automatically and free of charge.

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