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Events & Services

Choose one or more categories depending on the type of your event, service or product. By registering in at least one category, you also enter automatically the respective Grand Prix category- People’s Choice Award. In the Events categories, you also automatically enter the Grand Prix Best Event.


Art Event

This category is all about celebrating the synergy between events and art in all its forms, genres, media and styles: dance, music, literature, street art, exhibitions, installations, performances, etc.

Celebration Event

This category is for all events created to celebrate an occasion, anniversary, milestone or anything that is important to an organization, community or brand… If your celebration event deserves to become a celebrity in the world of events, here’s where it belongs.

Carnival [PROMO]

Festivals or public celebrations involving music, dances, the use of masquerade or other entertaining elements including parades, public street parties, processions, etc.

Ceremony [PROMO]

Events celebrating a particular occasion, achievement or anniversary belong here, such as awards ceremonies, opening or closing ceremonies, etc.


Live concerts are powerful event experiences often embellished with creative stage design, innovative performance concepts, special effects and lighting. That’s the category where your spectacular concert could prove it was the best out there.

Cultural Event

This category celebrates culture in all its forms. All events that promote culture or cultural sensitivity belong here including parades, shows, art events or exhibitions, music or dance events, festivals, fairs, theatres etc.

Esports Event [PROMO]

Gaming events, championships, tournaments, competitions or contests played before a live audience or streamed online.


Music, film, art, food, dance or any other public or community festival that celebrates a specific theme can compete in this category.

Live Show

This category features events that take place in front of a live audience, including, live performances and shows, fashion shows, competitions, games, comedy, theatre, circus, concerts, live TV and radio broadcasts etc.

Music Event

All events where music is the focal point belong here including concerts, music festivals, live vocal or instrumental performances and shows, etc.

Pop-up Event

A category dedicated to masterfully planned impromptu gatherings, exquisite spontaneous celebrations, anticipated but unexpected happenings or experiences which ultimately impress audiences and draw new crowds.


All events that represent a series of shows or events taking place in different places around a country, a region or the world. Could be entertainment event, art exhibitions, music events, information or educational campaigns, product launches, brand engagement events, celebrations, shows, fairs, etc.

Sporting Event

All competitions, tournaments, marathons, races, games, team sports, team buildings including sports activities and other sporting events are eligible for this award.

Tournament [PROMO]

Contests, competitions, championships, playoffs of a league or conference, or an invitational event or any other series of games or contests that make up a single unit of competition to single out a winner.


Brand Activation

This category celebrates the art of bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections. Any campaign, event, or experience that enables your brand to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service, belongs in this category.

Brand Engagement Event

Events that drive customers’ engagement to a brand, built great customer relationships and have strong post-event impact fall into this category.

Budget Event

Who says outstanding events need to be big-budgeted? Some of the most creative and high-impact events are actually cost-effective ones. This category honors the events on a budget who manage to create a high impact and deliver great results.

CSR Event

In a world where true success in business is measured by a triple bottom line, this category offers an opportunity to showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, fundraisers, sustainable initiatives, educational and training events and any other event that contributes to the improvement of the social, environmental and economic development of local communities and society at large.

Corporate Image Event [PROMO]

Events and experiences devoted to building or reinforcing the corporate image or reputation of a company.

Employer Branding Event [PROMO]

Celebrating excellence in the art and science of employer branding. Any event, experience, campaign or initiative that is devoted to building or reinforcing an employer brand is welcome here.

Exhibition Experience

Exhibitions are a great opportunity not only to showcase your products and services but to create memorable experiences for your customers and make your brand stand out. This category is for experiences that are part of an exhibition, trade or consumer show (event, show booth, stand, pavillion or brand display) or whole exhibitions or consumer shows dedicated specifically to a brand/product.

Experiential Event

Events organized to create engaging experiences and emotional draw towards a brand, product or service are welcome to WOW us in this category.

Guerilla Marketing Experience [PROMO]

Brand experiences/events using experiential guerrilla marketing, flashmobs, short/one-off live performances, publicity or street stunts to drive brand engagement.

In-store Experience

Any in-store events and experiences belong in this category including product launches, brand activations, brand engagement events, promotions etc.

Interactive Outdoor Event

This category includes literally any type of experiential event as long as it takes place outdoors and features interactive elements.

Kick-A** Experience

Here’s a category for the true disruptors out there who dare to be different. This category features not any experiences but the ones that stand out from the rest with their ingenious creativity, innovative ideas and immense impact. Dare to kick-a**s in this category?

Launch Event

Brand experiences or activations created to launch or re-launch a brand, product or service, will feel right at home in this category!

Sponsorship Experience

This category recognises partnerships/sponsorships that create immediate and long-term brand experiences at an event. All experiences created to promote a brand at an event as a part of partnership or sponsorship agreement belong to this category including experiences at big sporting events, entertainment events, festivals, concerts, conventions, trade shows etc.


Brand Experience - Alcoholic Beverages

All alcoholic drinks: wine, beer, cider, spirits etc.

Brand Experience - Automotive

All kind of vehicles, tyres, petrol, oil, spare parts and accessories, in-car entertainment, GPS and other segments of the automotive industry.

Brand Experience - Beauty

All kinds of products/services related to the beauty industry including cosmetics, fragrances, hair products, nail products, beauty services etc.

Brand Experience - Communication & Public Services

Telecoms service providers, broadband, postal and courier services, yellow pages, directory enquiries, search engines, energy and utility providers etc.

Brand Experience - Consumer Durables

Consumer products that are made to last for an extended period of time such as technology, homewares, furniture and lighting, toys, home appliances, other durables.

Brand Experience - Fashion

Brands related to the fashion industry including clothing, eyewear, footwear, jewellery, accessories, sportswear, lingerie etc.

Brand Experience - Consumer & Business Services

Legal, financial, B2B services, consultancies & professional services, other business services.

Brand Experience - Financial Services

Banks, insurance, credit cards, pension plans, investments and related online services, etc.

Brand Experience - Food & Beverages

Food and drinks (except alcoholic beverages).

Brand Experience - FMCG (others)

FMCG (except food and beverages) such as cleaning products, toiletries, personal care goods, household goods or other non-durable goods.

Brand Experience - Healthcare

Healthcare products and services such as hospitals, health facilities, wellness and healthy lifestyle products/services and any products or services related to our physical or mental health.

Brand Experience - Leisure

Products and services related to the leisure industry such as museums & galleries, gambling, sports, gaming, other recreation or rest-related products and services.

Brand Experience - Luxury & Premium Brands

Products/services such as luxury clothes, accessories, artisanal and custom-made products, jewellery, premium cosmetic products, upscale hotels and resorts, elite travel experiences, value-added services, luxury automobiles, private aircraft, yachts and motorboats, premium alcoholic beverages, etc.

Brand Experience - Media & Entertainment

Brands related to the media & entertainment industry: music, film, television, magazines, books, digital platforms, other media and entertainment channels/services.

Brand Experience - Non-for-profit/Government

Government, public information, military, charities, other not-for-profit campaigns, events and experiences.

Brand Experience - Pharma

Pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs.

Brand Experience - Retail

Retail industry brands such as supermarkets, department stores, eCommerce, restaurants, fast food.

Brand Experience - Travel

Brands related to the travel industry including tourism, transport, airlines, railways, car rentals, cruises, tour operators, tourist boards, hotels, resorts etc.

Brand Experience - Technology

Technology brands such as computers and laptops, mobile devices, media players, smart watches and wearable technology, software, groupware, operating systems, Saas/ Cloud-based services, robots etc.


Association Meeting

Any professional association event, no matter the industry, length or frequency can compete in this category where we single out the most outstanding association meeting!


This category presents a global stage for organizers to showcase their best conferences, regardless of topic, location, size and target audience.

Consumer Show

This category includes B2C expos, fairs, exhibits, demos and showcases of any size, intended to introduce consumers to relevant products or services.


A category devoted to large conferences and meetings based upon a specific industry, profession or fandom.

Educational Event

Any internal or external training sessions, workshops, seminars, masterclasses and educational courses are eligible for an award in this category.

Medical Congress

Medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare events have turned to an event sector in its own right and deserve a special category devoted to them only. If yours stands out from the rest, go and get the recognition it deserves!

Scientific Event

This category is dedicated to the scientific community and their professional gatherings, including congresses, conferences, conventions, symposia, forums, etc.

Tech Event

Technology has radically transformed most industries which is why tech events deserve their own category. Here you could include any tech event that deserve our WOWs: from geeky gatherings to high-tech trade shows.

Trade Show

A category created to showcase the art of showcasing! B2B trade shows and expos of all sizes and themes worldwide, are welcome to take a shot in this category.


B2B Event

A category for all events created to build and reinforce business relationships including trade shows, conferences, corporate parties or shows, galas etc.

B2C Event

Events created to engage the end consumer belong to this category such as consumers shows, exhibitions, promotional events (in-store, outdoors), celebrations, etc.

Cause Event

Events which support or raise awareness about special causes will be recognized in this awards category.

Community Engagement Event

We live in a world where communities built on common values or interests become the most important unit to group people. Any event created to engage, reinforce or celebrate a community belong to this category. That includes all interest-related conferences or meetings (like social media conferences, cooking classes etc), professional-interest events (like marketers summits, women entrepreneurs meetings etc.), cause events, customer, employee or partner engagement events etc.

Corporate Event

Any business event intended to reward, honor, engage or educate the employees, partners, shareholders or customers (e.g. conferences, seminars, incentives,cycle meetings, corporate parties, retreats, team buildings, awards etc.).

Customer Engagement Event

Any type of customer-centric event created to foster the relationship and brand loyalty with existing customers or engage target customers (e.g. incentives, corporate parties, consumer shows, promotional events, product launch events, celebrations etc.)

Employee Engagement Event

Internal events which have brought HR to the next level as part of an integrated employee engagement or employer branding strategy (e.g.incentive trips, reward programmes, team-building, employee training programs, employee appreciation, awards, celebrations, parties, etc.)

Fundraising Event

This category showcases the most meaningful and effective fundraising and charity events around the world.


The Gala – queen of all parties is a special breed of celebratory event with spectacular entertainments, unique performances, splendid theme and featuring special guests.

Hybrid Event [PROMO]

A category devoted to events that combine a live in-person experience with a “virtual” online component.

Incentive Event

Corporate events intended to reinforce the relationship or achieve higher goals with customers, employees or partners through providing any kind of incentive, belongs to this category. This may include events part of reward, recognition or loyalty programs, corporate parties, retreats, incentive trips etc.

Municipal Event

A category devoted to all public events organized for/by a specific municipality including celebrations, concerts, festivals, shows, parades, art events etc.

Partner Engagement Event

Any corporate event intended to reinforce the relationship with partners, sponsors and stakeholders could find its place in this category (e.g. corporate parties, celebrations, incentive trips, galas, trade shows etc.)

Public Event

This category encompasses all events open to the general public including all kinds of entertainment events, art exhibitions or installations, cultural or leisure events, fairs, festivals, sporting events, etc.

Sustainable Event

This category recognizes the most sustainable events, events using green practices and innovative strategies to event planning that show environmental consciousness.

Team Building

Events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation in a team or company could compete in this category.(e.g. retreats, corporate parties, training programs, business runs, team outings etc.)


African Event

Do you believe you organized the best event in Africa? Here’s where you can prove it! This category encompasses all events that took place on the second largest continent on Earth – Africa.

Asian Event

This category gathers the best Asian events out there. Your event could compete in this category if it took place in one of the following countries or regions: China, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and other Northeast Asian countries, South and Southeast Asia, Central Asia.

Australian / Oceanian Event

If you’ve organized the most outstanding event in Australia / Oceania, here’s the category where it can shine on.

Canadian Event

Want to prove you’ve organized the best event in Canada? This is the right category for you!

European Event

Europe – old but never boring, home of some of the most creative and outstanding events in the world. If your event deserves to be titled the best in Europe, this category is just for you.

Indian Event

A category devoted to the vibrant and colourful Indian events! Yours was the brightest? Show us!

Latin American Event

If your event took place in Latin America (South America, Central America and the Caribbean region, Mexico), it belongs to this category. Prove you rocked the whole Latin American event world!

Middle Eastern Event

Your event shined brighter among all events in the whole Middle East? If so, let it shine even brighter after winning the Eventex prestigious trophy.

Russian Event

The largest country in the world deserves its own category for the best events within its territory to be recognized. All events that took part in Russia are welcome here.

UK Event

UK is one of the countries that set the trends in the event industry and hosts some of the most spectacular and outstanding events on Earth. Pretty fierce competition in this category but the prize is worth it!

US Event

Does your event deserve to be crowned as the best USA event? If “yes”, “definitely”, “you bet!” are your answers, here’s where you should include it.

Agencies & Teams, Technology, Suppliers



Proud of all your projects throughout the year? This category is your chance to show your team, customers and clients-to be, you are the best of the best in everything you do!

Live Communication Agency

A category celebrating those turning live communication events into lifetime experiences. Prove you are THE creative genius in this competitive industry!


Here’s a category devoted only to you, Destination Management Companies. Prove you stand out from the crowd!


There is an outstanding Professional Conference Organizer behind the scenes of almost every great conference in the world. Are you one of them? Enter this category to gain a worldwide recognition for all you’ve achieved.

Incentive Agency

A category to reward those who reward for a living. If you’re an agency which organizes incentive trips or events, or any kind of reward or loyalty programs, here’s your chance to get the award you deserve!

New Agency

Every beginning is challenging but also twice as exciting, inspiring and rewarding when successful! That’s why we’ve made a special category to honor those rising stars on the events world horizon that dazzle us with their bright new ideas, creativity and the courage to be disruptors! (eligible for event, live communication or marketing agencies founded in less than 3 years).

Event Team

Behind every great event, there’s a greater team! Want to tell your teammates you’re proud of them and show your customers and the world they are in good hands with your one-of-a-kind team? Winning this category is the best way to do it!

Hotel Event Team [PROMO]

A category recognizing the most outstanding in-house hotel event teams.

Catering Event Team [PROMO]

Catering teams from a catering agency or an in-house catering team of a venue.

Venue Event Team

A category devoted to the in-house team of any event venue.


Event Technology

We are on a lookout for the king in the event tech world! If you are any event tech, app, gadget, software or hardware and it’s you who deserve the crown, here’s where you can stand out from the crowd.

Attendee Management Technology [PROMO]

Software solutions, platforms, apps, SaaS or gadgets to manage attendees at events.

Audience Engagement Technology

Any technology that stimulates, enhances, or facilitates attendee engagement, fits the bill. Want to stand out from the rest? Here’s your chance!е

Augmented / Virtual Reality Technology

A category devoted to any AR or VR technology that is or can be used to enhance the attendee experience at an event.

Conference Technology [PROMO]

SaaS, software solutions, apps, gadgets or any technology used for organizing or at conferences.

Data Collection / Event Analytics Technology [PROMO]

Software, apps, platforms for data collection and analytics of events.

Entry Management Technology [PROMO]

Software solution, platform, Saas or app for managing awards, competitions, call for papers, abstracts or any kind of events that require submission and evaluation of entries/applications.

Event AI Technology [PROMO]

A category devoted to the future. Any artificial intelligence technology that could be used for or at an event is welcome to compete in this category.

Event App

A category devoted to any type of event apps.

Event Management Solution

Any event management solution that helps event organizers get the job done faster and easier could enter this category in the hope to win the prestigious Eventex trophy.

Event Marketing Technology [PROMO]

Software, platforms or apps designed specifically for event marketing or suitable for marketing events.

Event Networking Technology [PROMO]

Software, platforms, apps or any kind of technology for managing networking events or activities.

Event Registration Technology [PROMO]

Software, platform, SaaS, app for event registration.

Event Ticketing Solution

Software, hardware, platforms,apps or services that provide outstanding ticketing solution for an event are eligible to enter this category and gain a worldwide recognition.

Exhibition Technology [PROMO]

Any tech solution that is used for managing or supporting exhibitions, expos or trade shows.

Festival Technology [PROMO]

Any technology that is used to manage or support the organization of festivals or similar type of events.

Interaction Technology

Any event technology with an attendee-centered approach is welcome to compete in this category and win this prestigious accolade as well as the hearts of the event organizers all over the globe.

New Event Technology

A category devoted to the rising stars in the industry! Any new event tech, app or gadget or new feature in an existing product, that was developed in the last 3 years, is suitable for this category. Here’s your chance to be recognized and show off in front of the whole event world!

Lead Management Technology [PROMO]

Software, platform, app for managing leads suitable for the needs of an event.

Touch / Gesture based Solution

Any touch or gesture based solutions that could be used for events are eligible to join this category. Yours the best? Show us and the whole events world!


Event Industry Supplier

We’re on a quest for the best event industry supplier in the whole events world! If that’s you, here’s your chance to stand out!

Activity / Experience Supplier

Suppliers providing any kind of experience or activity at an event are welcome to compete in this category for the prestigious Eventex accolade.

Audiovisual Supplier

A category devoted to the magicians that can transform any hall or venue to an experience for all senses! Any supplier of audiovisual or sound, projection & lighting services capable to WOW the jury and the events world, is welcome to enter this category.

Awards / Plaques Supplier [PROMO]

Producers of trophies, awards or plaques.

Barrier / Fence Hire Supplier [PROMO]

Suppliers of barriers, fences, paling or other type of fences for hire.

Bar / Concession Supplier [PROMO]

Providers of bars, concession stands, concession trailers, snack bars or kiosks for rental.

Booth / Stand Supplier [PROMO]

Suppliers of event booths, stands, displays, exhibition furniture, professional modular systems, trade show backdrops or pop-up stands for hire or to buy, including accompanying services like custom-made design creation, construction, installation etc.

Catering Company

Our “gourmet” category to celebrate the culinary art at events! If you offer catering services at events, here’s your chance to grab this prestigious prize and the events world attention.

Corporate Gifts Company [PROMO]

Suppliers of corporate gifts for events.

Decor / Design / Flowers Supplier

Category for all decor, design, flowers service suppliers at an event. If the Winner trophy is the perfect decoration for your office, here’s where to get it.

Entertainment Supplier

A category to celebrate the suppliers of entertainment services at an event. Enter this category to be caught in the spotlight of the events world!

Facilities Management Company [PROMO]

Suppliers that manage facilities of any kind to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the event environment.

Flooring / Roadway Supplier [PROMO]

Suppliers of flooring, roadways, walkways, carpeting for different kind of events including festivals, outdoor events, exhibitions etc.

Furniture Hire Company [PROMO]

Suppliers of furniture hire for events (chairs, tables, table centres, bars, counters, podiums etc.)

Health & Safety Supplier [PROMO]

Suppliers providing medical care/services, fire safety etc. for events.

Live Streaming Supplier

A category to single out the best live streaming suppliers out there, including video conferencing and webcasting apps used at an event.

Lighting Supplier [PROMO]

Suppliers providing rentals of lights and lighting equipment for any type of events.

Plant & Equipment Hire Company [PROMO]

Companies providing plant and equipment hire for festivals, outdoor and other events.

Production Company

This category is for those production agencies taking their clients’ events from the ground to the stars. You are one of the best out there? Get the recognition you deserve!

Projection Mapping Supplier

A category to celebrate the art of projection mapping! Any supplier for projection mapping, video mapping, spatial augmented reality that can be used at an event, is welcome to join and win this category.

Screen Supplier [PROMO]

Suppliers providing screen rentals for events.

Security Company

A category to select the best supplier of security services for events. If that’s you, here’s your chance to gain a worldwide recognition.

Set Design Supplier

Suppliers of any kind of set design and set building services at an event are welcome to join this category. Show the event world, you’re the best in what you do!

Signage / Banners / Printing [PROMO]

Suppliers of signage, stand-alone digital signage, banners, posters, printed materials etc.

Special Effects Company [PROMO]

Companies responsible for the wow-s of the attendees at an event – providers of special effects services and equipment rentals.

Staffing Company

Any kind of company or agency that provides staff at events is eligible for this category. You are the best out there? Get the recognition, you deserve!

Temporary Power Supplier [PROMO]

Providers of temporary power for festivals, outdoor expos and other events, are welcome here.

Temporary Water Supply Company [PROMO]

Providers of water supply for festivals, outdoor expos and other similar types of events.

Tent / Temporary Structure Supplier [PROMO]

Providers of tents, marquees, pavilions and temporary structures for rental.

Temporary Toilets / Waste Management Supplier [PROMO]

Providers of temporary toilets, bins, and waste management services for festivals, outdoor expos and other similar types of events.

Transportation/ Parking Services [PROMO]

Providers of transportation and parking services for events.

Destinations, Venues, Hotels



You are one of the best event destinations in the whole world? Go and get your deserved recognition!

African Destination

We’re on the lookout for the best event destinations in Africa! If your city, municipality, resort or other event destination deserve to be among them, that’s the right category for you.

Asian Destination

You’re one of the best event destinations in whole Asia? That’s your chance to stand out from the rest!

Australian Destination

If your city, town, resort or other event destination is worth the title “the best destination in Australia & Oceania”, that’s where it can get it.

Canadian Destination

We invite you to include your Canadian event destination here and show the world why it’s the best choice for any great event.

European Destination

If you represent an event destination in Europe (a city, town, municipality or resort) that deserves this prestigious award, here’s the category to stick out.

Latin American Destination

This category is suitable for any event destinations (city, town, resort etc.) from all over Latin America: from Mexico through Central America and the Caribbean region all up to South America).

Middle Eastern Destination

This category is looking for the best event destinations in the Middle East. If your city, town or resort is one of them, that’s your chance to shout that to the world.

UK Destination

Home of some amazing event destinations, UK event destinations deserve their own category. Include yours to prove you stand out from the rest!

US Destination

You represent a top-notch event destination that deserves recognition? Here’s where to get it!



Do you have what it takes to be titled “Best Venue” out there? Enter this category to show the event world, you’ve got no competition!

Large Venue

Show any event organizer out there, your venue is BIG in every sense of the word! Venues with a capacity for more than 1000 people are eligible for this category.

Medium Venue

If you represent a medium-size event venue with a capacity from 100 to 1000 people, that’s the right category to stand out among other event venues of your size!

Small Venue

Small in size but great in value? If your event venue has a capacity for r up to 300 people, it’s eligible to compete in this category and prove you’re the best among your competitors.

Academic Venue [PROMO]

Venues on the grounds of or managed by a university, school, college, training center etc.

Arena / Stadium [PROMO]

Large venues with the capacity for the biggest events – arenas, stadiums, big amphitheatres.

Exhibition Venue [PROMO]

Event venues where exhibitions, trade shows or expos take place.

City Venue [PROMO]

Any event venue inside a city.

Convention Center

This category is devoted to all the large and majestic venues built to hold conventions, conferences, large meetings, exhibitions or trade shows. If your convention center is among the top-notch ones in the world, here’s the right place to show off.

Gala Venue

The queen of all parties – the gala – deserves nothing but a royal venue to be held at! If you want to be globally recognized as the best home for those spectacular celebrations, that’s the right category for you.

Historic Venue

A category dedicated to those unique event venues that have thousands of stories stored in their floors and walls and are time-machines in its own right. Old fortresses, castles, beautiful old operas, theatres, churches, or any other historic venue that turns to event space, are suitable to compete in this category.

Hotel Venue

Hotels are the home of so many types and sizes of events, that they deserve a category of their own. Prove no other hotel could compare to yours as an event venue!

Interactive Venue [PROMO]

Venues where guests are given an activity to participate in: from an arcade/gaming venue, amusement park, an escape room, rodeo, car racing, riding facility, movie house to tasting lounge or obstacle course venue.

Museum / Gallery

If your museum or gallery is a true piece of art as an event space, enter this category to make it stand out from the rest.

New Venue

A category for all the new venues that were established in the last 3 years. Here’s your chance to stick out and attract the attention of the events world, New Venues!

Outdoor Venue/Open-Air Venue [PROMO]

Venues hosting open-air/outdoor events and celebrations including garden areas, rooftop terraces/patios, golf playgrounds, amphitheatres, beach party places, squares etc.

Product Launch Venue

You are the perfect home for product launches and want to tell that to the world? Then, this category is just for you!

Restaurant Venue [PROMO]

Restaurants, bistros, fast-food restaurants, pubs, cafés etc. hosting different kinds of events.

Rural Venue [PROMO]

Venues located outside of the city limits – in the countryside or a designated rural area. This can include golf resorts, chalets, lodges, farms, wineries and historic sites.

Sustainable Venue

The greener, the greater: a category to honour the eco-friendly venues with green practices and innovative approaches that protect the environment. Eventex prestigious and totally eco-friendly trophy is the perfect complement to fit your sustainable event venue.

Versatile Venue

This category is for all those venues that can be adapted to and set up for different types and sizes of events: a feature most event organizers look for in a venue. If yours is one of them, here’s an accolade you’d love to show off with!

Unusual Venue

This category is for the bold and extraordinary ones: those venues which are different, unique or unusual in terms of architecture, location, interior design or whatever it is that makes them “out-of-the-box” venues. If you stick out in this category, that’s an extraordinary achievement itself!



Do you believe your hotel is among the best for events in the world? There’s only one way to find out.

Large Hotel

Hotels with a capacity of 200+ rooms and event facilities for 500+ people.

Medium Hotel

Medium size hotels with a capacity of 50-300 rooms and event facilities for 100 to 1000 people.

Small Hotel

Small hotels; up to 100 rooms and capacity to host an event with up to 300 people.

Boutique Hotel

Small and unique hotels that can offer a totally different experience and style to an event.

City Hotel

Hotels, no matter the size, located within a city or a town.

Luxury Hotel

If luxury and brilliance is part of your hotels’ DNA, enter this category and gain worldwide recognition.

Resort Hotel

Hotels that are part of a resort or a holiday destination.

Spa / Wellness Hotel

Hotels offering spa or wellness facilities with great conditions for both events and relaxation.

Sustainable Hotel

Hotels where “green” is part of their practices, facilities, culture and management.

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