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November 8, 2022

Our 10th-anniversary jury - bigger, brighter and more diverse than ever

As it’s our 10th anniversary, everything this year will be bigger and brighter and the jury panel is no exception. We’re happy to present this year’s 70 top-drawer event professionals from over 15 countries that are going to evaluate your entries.

As always, the Eventex jury consists of top-notch experts and professionals in the event world – renowned journalists from leading event magazines, heads of associations, representatives of convention bureaus, the most creative minds, the top influencers and thought leaders in the industry today. You can see the full list of Eventex Awards 2020 jury members here.

How are the jury members selected?

The jury panel is the heart of our awards since it has the most important task. That’s why we cherry-pick every member. For us, there are two key factors in the selection:

  • the juror’s extensive experience in the industry
  • making sure there’s no conflict of interest

The selected judges have diverse fields of expertise to cover the 7 main groups in Eventex Awards -  Events, Agencies & Teams, Technology, Suppliers, Destinations, Hotels & Venues.

What is the evaluation methodology?

Our Research and Development team spent years perfecting this process. We focused on better structure and a more accurate, fair and balanced method of evaluating each entry in a given category. Top priority for us is making sure all worthy entries get the recognition they deserve. The Eventex Awards ratings are based on 3 key criteria with their own set weight that are different for the 2 main groups:

  • Events
  • Agencies & Teams, Technology, Suppliers, Destinations, Venues, Hotels

Each entry is evaluated by 5 to 10 judges, who are assigned to categories in accordance with their field of expertise. Every judge is required to declare affiliations with any of the competing entries and is not assigned to a category with such entries. The judging process is made simple due to the awards management platform Evalato. You can learn more about our evaluation methodology here.

Curious who the Eventex 2020 jury members are? You can see them and their impressive bios here.

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