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January 16, 2023

Eventex in the spotlight with Laura Schwartz: Kate Patay

The inaugural edition of Eventex in the spotlight series, which brings you up closer to inspiring leaders in the ever-evolving world of events, welcomes Kate Patay, CPCE, the Chief Strategy Officer of Patay Consulting, and SEARCH Foundation chair into the spotlight. The series host, Laura Schwartz, Professional Emcee, Keynote Speaker, a trusted Eventex partner, and a true inspiration herself, talks with Kate about the events industry, notable moments in Kate’s career, as well as her advice to those considering entering the Eventex Awards 2023

Kate’s inspiring journey 

Kate is a prominent industry professional known globally for unique events, strategic partnerships, and impactful experiences. Her long list of accolades and achievements includes the coveted Pacesetter Award from the Events Industry Council and the NACE Icon Award. Kate’s events journey, which spans 25 years, has seen her get involved not just with, but within what is a very dynamic industry. 

She got her first taste of events in snowy Upstate New York and went through several pivotal moments in her career before finding her true place in what is an incredibly versatile industry with multiple facets. 

“I thought weddings were the way to go. And I did my first wedding and was like, oh, I hate this,”

Kate notes, adding that corporate is where her heart is. She, however, loves that people are able to move through the events industry, and learn what they love and what they don’t in it.   

“You never know the trajectory your career’s gonna take.” 

A sense of community 

Throughout her journey and her work, Kate has always supported the events industry community, arguing that everyone can collectively be better. 

“I firmly believe that rising tide lifts all boats,” she tells Laura. As a chair of the SEARCH Foundation, Kate truly gives back to the community. 

“Something bigger than yourself” 

A trusted judge, and now a Jury president for the Eventex Awards, Kate loves the creativity of the industry, and the peek behind the curtain that the awards offer to both the jury and other participants. 

Reminiscing about meeting the Eventex team, Kate notes: “When you come across passionate people in the industry who are doing the right thing and wanting to highlight other individuals that are doing great, how can you not want to be part of something bigger than yourself?”

“Jump right in” 

With the Eventex Awards 2023 now open and the deadline for registering fast approaching on January 27, Kate tells any prospective participants to “jump right in”. 

“You’re only going to get better at the end of all of this,” she notes,

explaining that the whole process would make you reflect on your event, identifying areas for future growth.  

You “can’t go wrong” with the Eventex Awards, Kate concludes. 

About Kate

Kate Patay is a prominent industry professional known globally for unique events, strategic partnerships, and impactful experiences. She speaks internationally on an array of topics, serves as the chair of the SEARCH Foundation, and is an Eventex Awards jury president. 

About Laura

Laura Schwartz is a professional Emcee and Keynote Speaker - one of the top 7 speakers in the US. She’s been the Director of Events for the Clinton Administration, where she created and executed more than 1,000 White House events. Laura is an Eventex jury president, host of Eventex in the Spotlight series, and partner. 

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