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February 16, 2023

Eventex in the spotlight with Laura Schwartz: Annamaria Ruffini

Eventex in the spotlight, the series that introduces you to outstanding event industry professionals and Eventex Awards jury presidents, is proud to present Annamaria Ruffini, the founder, President, and CEO of Events In & Out. Joining from Italy, Annamaria shares how she turned her passion for events into her job, as well as what keeps inspiring her both in her work and as part of the Eventex Awards jury. 

Turning her passion into a job  

Mogul and industry icon Annamaria has been in the world of events since the early 1990s, despite her parents’ wishes to follow in the family tradition and become a medical surgeon. 

“I wanted to travel. I wanted to visit special things and organize things that would make people proud to belong, to be part of a team, or to visit things that were hidden to the most of people in the world.”  

While she started working for others right after university, about 20 years ago, she decided to establish her own events company, which now caters mostly to companies on the Fortune Global 500 list. 

“Have an eye into the future” 

Despite owning what is a remarkably successful business, Annamaria is never complacent. 

“Every time we finish, it’s the end of an event, every time, I say, okay, next time, we will do it better.”

Even in the case of perfect events, she believes that things can be improved, especially with time moving forward.

“What we have done one month ago is already old. So we have to do everything new. After one day, the world is old already. So have to look for new things and have more inspiration. So, always try to do new things and have an eye into the future.”

Italian inspiration 

With a business set against the beautiful backdrop of Rome and Florence, it’s not hard for Annamaria and her team to find inspiration. 

“First, we are all Italians. And I come from Florence so I live and I spend my life in the Rennaissance city. So we have inspiration in our cities, we have inspiration in the art, and in the culture we have. But I think the biggest part of our inspiration comes from fashion. So, I like to see and follow fashion shows.”

“Show the world what you have done” 

Talking about inspiration, Annamaria also tells Laura what keeps her inspired as a jury member of the Eventex Awards. 

“To see what other colleagues are doing around the world and how much effort and creativity and love and passion they were putting in their job and the programs that they organize.”

To anyone considering submitting their entry for the Eventex Awards, she says to just do it. 

“If you’re proud of you and your work, and your team, then you have to show the world what you have done. And also, you have to show your team that what they have done is good and it deserves at least to be listed in the Eventex Awards.”

About Annamaria 

Annamaria Ruffini is the founder, President, and CEO of Rome-based Incentive House and Dmc Events In & Out. She boasts a long experience in the Meeting & Events industry having been involved in the motivation and incentive sector since 1986.

About Laura 

Laura Schwartz is a professional Emcee and Keynote Speaker — one of the top 7 speakers in the US. She’s been the Director of Events for the Clinton Administration, where she created and executed more than 1,000 White House events. Laura is an Eventex jury president, host of Eventex in the Spotlight series, and partner. 

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