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November 8, 2022

We announced Eventex Awards 2021 and liked it!

Phew, a global pandemic can make things pretty crazy and it’s sure been a difficult few months for everyone in the meetings and events industry. We even decided to postpone announcing the winners from the last edition of Eventex Awards. That’s why it feels so good (and more important than ever) to announce the 11th annual Global Event Awards now. It’s another positive sign that things are slowly going back to normal.

Eventex Awards 2021 is welcome news

Eventex Awards 2021 is going to excite, of that there can be no doubt. Interest in the competition has skyrocketed once again now that the industry is starting to recover from easily one of the most turbulent periods in its history. This edition comes with a few changes that aim to help businesses affected by the global pandemic - lend me your e-ears and I’ll tell you all about it.

Register more entries, get 50% off

As part of this industry for 11+ years now, we feel it is our job to help it prosper, improve, and grow. Crisis or no crisis, that’s always been our mission. In an effort to make the competition more affordable for all businesses affected by the pandemic, for the first time in the history of Eventex Awards the registration price is 50% off for 2 or more entries across all award tracks and categories.

Extended eligibility period

In addition to the exclusive price reduction, the eligibility period for participating events and experiences is extended from 1 July 2019 to 28 February 2021. So if any part of an event, experience or a campaign is within this timeframe, it’s eligible to enter the competition. As always, there are no geographical restrictions.

New tracks for virtual and hybrid events

Many companies are successfully pivoting to hybrid and virtual events, so we’re adding new award tracks as well - Virtual Events & Experiences, Marketing Campaigns, and Technology for Virtual Events. Virtual is what everyone and their dog is talking about, so being among the first to win such an award might be quite the epic success on your part.

Now’s the perfect time to register

Registration for the awards is at a promotional price until 26 June 2020. That’s on top of the 50% for registering in 2 or more categories! It’s a pretty sweet deal by all means and we’re happy to offer you this opportunity. It can be the piece of smart business that rockets your company to more success in the years to come. Register today - it only makes sense ;)

Enter the World's #1 Awards for Events and Experience Marketing

Early registration for Eventex Awards 2025 is now open.