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April 12, 2021

Want to host engaging virtual events?

Want to host engaging virtual events?

Of course you do, who doesn’t want their virtual event to be engaging and reach as many people as possible! This is where our official partners from Evalato come in - they just announced another awesome solution in the form of a new virtual events and community management platform. We get it, everyone and their dog is talking about going virtual (or at least hybrid). It’s only natural that one of the most progressive and advanced platforms for awards management also takes a massive step in this direction, but there are plenty of virtual event solutions out there already - what makes this one worth it?

Intuitive AND powerful

The platform is easy to use from the off, at the same time offers fantastic features, customization options, and flexibility. You can be an absolute newbie and still set up your event in just a couple of hours. Or a seasoned pro that likes to tinker with every single element of your event - spend an extra hour with the more advanced settings and tailor your event down to the last detail.

A better experience for everyone

Evalato not only makes you work infinitely easier, it also improves how participants experience your virtual events. The clean and slick interface guarantees a butter smooth experience across the board, which as you probably know too well, is a key element of leaving a good impression in the 21st century.

Easy on the budget too!

We already established that the platform is easy to use and easy on the eye, but in the end most organizations would always prefer to go for the best-priced solution out there. We’re happy to report Evalato offers fantastic bang for your buck. It really is the cherry on top and makes recommending this solution a no-brainer.Find out more and try the platform at!

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