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November 8, 2022

While Waiting for the Voting, get to know #Eventex Awards Jury Members

Teresa Matmoros

Teresa Matamoros is a certified meeting and incentives professional, who is always open for new business opportunities and new trends! See what she’d value in Eventex Awards entries…

How does your job relate to the event industry?

I represent companies from Mexico and Latin America that are looking to get a better understanding of the market and gain more business opportunities.

What are your most important duties?

To keep up with the market!! Stay up to trends, new business opportunities, what the industry organizations are focusing on, etc.

How do you describe your work style?

My position allows me a lot of flexibility and the opportunity to think outside the box, I like to put attention to details but don’t lose perspective of the big picture.

What motivates you to judge Eventex Awards?

It was an honor to me to be considered to be a Judge, I have a good understanding of international events but tour industry is very dynamic so it has been very interesting to be part of Eventex Awards jury.

How do you recognize a winner?

When there’s a business case behind the event, we are not party planner, we deliver business results by creating face to face opportunities. When I see the goals and objectives were clear and tied into the decision made during the planning process it kind of easy to know the results will be successful.

Your advice to contestants?

Always make the business case when you tell the story about your event. That’s what really matters! That you delivered results to your audience and stakeholders.

What aspect of event planning inspires you the most?

To focus on the aspect that we are curators of content as much as the environment of an event. Allow creativity and innovation to play a strong presence during the planning process.

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