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January 11, 2024

How to craft the perfect entry: Lessons learned from Eventex Awards 2023  

How to craft the perfect entry: Lessons learned from Eventex Awards 2023  

It’s that time of the year again when competition for Eventex Awards heats up and any small detail might make a difference between winning a coveted Eventex award and just staying in the running. That’s why we took the time to sift through relevant jury feedback and top entries from the previous edition to give you some insight into how to gain an edge when preparing your submissions. So, read on, and craft your entries for the best chance to wow the Eventex Awards jury. 

The category framework 

Let’s start with the category of your entry, which sets up the framework for your description and as such, impacts your whole narrative. Eventex Awards 2024 features 300+ categories that accommodate current and future trends while maintaining the awards’ vibrancy and diversity. So, to utilize the category of your entry to its full potential, you need to do the following: 

  • Mind the focus — each Eventex Awards category has been carefully thought-through and has a specific focus. Use it as the topic of your entry and structure your content around that topic;   
  • Use unique content for each category — if you are participating with the same entry in more than one category, do not use the same content but rather, highlight specific aspects that are in line with each category to get the best results. 

So, in essence, you need to consider why you have selected this category (or categories) for your entry and take it from there. 

Judges are looking for cohesion 

In addition to a focus, your entry should have internal logic. Your entry features several sections (based on the different Eventex Awards criteria) and you should not view them separately but rather, as telling the same cohesive story. That means a clear outline of the concept and planning, how it relates to the execution of your project and the results. More specifically: 

  • Planning and execution vs. objectives — when describing the planning and execution of your project, make sure to note how it addresses the objectives; 
  • Creativity & concept — it is also important to outline how the creativity and innovation match the concept, and how they shine through every step of the way. To that end, you need to show how the concept shines through the whole entry, from the moment the idea was born, through its execution and results, and what makes it unique, or how it puts a different spin on something that has been done before;  
  • Do the results match the objectives — you need to note specifically to what extent the results met the objectives stated earlier in your entry, and how they correspond to the concept.   

Context of results 

As always, the results are one of the most weight-bearing parts of an entry and one that gets a lot of jury scrutiny. While listing cold hard numbers is practically a must, you need to put those numbers in perspective since it is not always obvious to the jury whether a certain number is impressive or not. 

  • For recurring events — for events that happen on a regular basis, to put the results into perspective, you can add a comparison with the previous edition, and point to any growth in attendees, profit, social media reach, etc.; 
  • For brand new events — where applicable, you can include industry benchmarks for similar projects, or some other relevant background to put the results into context; 
  • Return on investment — this is a metric whose importance only seems to be growing, with judges (as well as customers) eager to see how the money was spent and whether the results do indeed justify the investment. 

Pro tip: If you do not have numbers available or if they are confidential, etc., consider demonstrating the results through relevant testimonials, media coverage, etc., anything that can give the jury a comprehensive picture of your project’s impact. 

Beyond results 

In addition to all of the above, the perfect entry should also go the extra mile to wow the judges with the following elements:  

  • Long-term value — if possible, highlight the impact of the project which goes beyond the immediate results; 
  • An emphasis on emotions — in addition to attendee numbers, it is a good idea to show that your event, project, etc., made a difference to the attendees and engaged their emotions;   
  • Sustainability & DEI — while Eventex Awards 2024 features several categories that focus on sustainability, green events, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), judges are increasingly eager to see those elements in projects entered in other categories as well. So, if anything was done at your event to promote inclusion, or offset its own carbon footprint, or if your venue adheres to sustainability best practices, etc., mention that in your entry, regardless of the category. 

Sustainability, DEI, as well as events with purpose and impact beyond attendance and revenue, are also among the trends expected to shape the events industry this year and beyond, identified in The Eventex 2024 Events Industry Trends Report which features input from industry superstars, including members of the Eventex Awards 2024 jury. 

Practical tips for your entry

On a more practical note, we’ve also prepared some tips to help you further along when completing your entry. 

  • Add a well-edited video and pictures — while it’s not a requirement, supplementing your entry with impressive visuals will help you give the jury a taste of the atmosphere and feel of your project. Note that courtesy of our partner Evalato, you can now upload your video in HD, without worrying about the size limit. Your video will be transcoded and hosted privately and securely;   
  • Prepare a detailed and readable entry — in addition to visuals, make sure that your entry is long enough to provide all the relevant details and information for the jury. That said, structure it in a way that will make it easy to read, such as using paragraphs and lists (especially when presenting statistics and numbers); 
  • Use the wordcount wisely — make the most out of your entry by including unique and relevant information, meaning, you need to find the balance between leaving no questions unanswered without, however, falling into the trap of repeating the same information in different sections; 
  • Take a step back — the Evalato platform allows you to save your entry as a draft and submit only when ready. Take advantage of that option and give yourself a day (or at least a few hours) so that you are able to read your entry with fresh eyes. Alternatively, you can also ask a colleague to proofread it for a new perspective; 
  • Ask the Eventex team — if you have questions about the criteria or different sections, or have had a change of heart about the best category for your entry — the Eventex team is just a call away

At the end of the day 

Winning the hearts of the Eventex Awards jury is no easy feat but the reward and recognition you will receive are worth it. And while you can no longer change the project you are entering with, the power to craft the best entry to showcase it is in your hands. If by any chance you are on the fence about entering Eventex Awards in the first place — you still have some time left to register and line up among the industry’s finest. 

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