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June 25, 2020

There’s genius aplenty in the industry - we just showcase it

There’s genius aplenty in the industry - we just showcase it

Remember way back before the global pandemic, there was this online series called Eventex Creative Week from the producers of Eventex Awards?

Well, it evolved into Eventex Creative Series and now instead of one week of creativity, you get months of that! Creativity, there’s just so much of it in the event industry and we’ve always felt it our mission to showcase as much of it as possible and as best as we possibly can. That’s why we’re bringing you the new and improved Eventex Creative Series.

A weekly format allows us to provide more relevant content over a longer period of time, which is always a good thing really. As usual, this content is brought to you by people in the industry, we take no credit for this. Event profs have plenty to share about the various ways you can be creative including fascinating case studies, educational talks, not to mention practical tips, tricks, and best practices across the globe.

So tune in every week for your dose of creativity and inspiration, in a friendly, bite-sized format. You can never have too much of it and in Eventex Creative Series you get the perfect platform for it. Now here’s the best part, the first three episodes just got released today!One more thing before we ride off into the sunset triumphantly - registration for Eventex Awards 2021 is going strong, especially with the exclusive offer that’s available for this edition only. Register two or more entries and get 50% off, it’s the sweetest deal ever and you can never have too much of this either.

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