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November 8, 2022

The 12th Global Eventex Awards is officially a go!

Are you ready for Eventex Awards 2022 - the biggest competition in the world of events and experience marketing? Because the 12th edition of the most prestigious awards in the industry is officially a go and we can’t wait to see your fantastic entries.

Eventex Awards 2022 - the home of creativity, innovation and effectiveness

We have good news for people who love great news. First off, it’s shaping up to be a marvellous year for events and experience marketing. And Eventex Awards 2022 will, as always, be highlighting the best in the biz, so now is the perfect time to register for the competition. As was the case with the previous edition, this one comes with a few tweaks to help event businesses affected by the global pandemic get back in the game faster.Eventex will be the platform to showcase the best of the best in the event industry. Joining the competition will be a clear declaration of not only creativity and innovation, but your flexibility and resilience to achieve excellent results as well.

Perfected entry evaluation process

We’ve done some sensible improvements to the way your entries get evaluated. Maybe you’re wondering why we’re trying to improve on perfection - in short, the tweaks we made will guarantee more objective scores. During the evaluation process there are no restrictions on the number of awards that can be bestowed. As many or as few entries could be awarded per category as the jury deems appropriate and as their voting score determines. This ensures that entries do not compete against each other but on their own merit.An entry needs to score 75 or more points to get awarded.

  • Platinum Award [NEW] – 90 - 100 points
  • Gold Award – 81 - 89 points
  • Silver Award – 78 - 80 points
  • Bronze Award – 75 - 77 points

New “Platinum” awards tier

We’re adding a new awards tier in order to single out the absolute crème de la crème. Entries that get a score of 90+ (out of a possible 100) will be awarded with an Eventex award marked Platinum. Such scores are hard to achieve, but now should one of your entries manage this amazing feat, you’ll have the most fancy accolade to show for it. You’re welcome!

New categories

We’re always trying to make sure our categories reflect the latest and greatest in the industry. It’s only what your brand deserves. This year we’ve added new categories to also reflect the current situation and trends in our fast-paced industry.

  • New categories for virtual and hybrid events, as well as virtual/hybrid event suppliers and technology
  • New track for Marketing, Communications & Strategy, devoted to a particular aspect of an event/brand experience, or their marketing or supporting campaign
  • New categories that reflect the situation of the industry in the past year and so and the flexibility, creativity and resilience it demonstrated such as ‘Pivot To Virtual’, ‘Socially Distanced Experience’, ‘At-home Experience’, ‘Fighting COVID-19 Event’, ‘Health & Safety Management’, etc.
  • New ‘For Good’ categories in special recognition of organizations that do good and make a positive change through their work

When registering for Eventex Awards 2022, do check out the new categories - some of them might be the perfect fit for you.

Participate more, pay less

The response to last year’s year-round promo was quite positive. Just when you thought we couldn’t be cooler, we’re giving you 3 entries at the price of 2  so that you pay only 66% of the price. Not too shabby at all and one of the smartest investments of your dedicated awards budget.

Extended eligibility period

In addition to the massive price reduction, the eligibility period for participation is extended to 24 months. In other words, if any part of your event, experience or a campaign happened between 1 March 2020 and 25 February 2022, it is eligible to compete for the most prestigious accolade in the events industry. No geographical restrictions, by the way, but you probably knew that already.

Now’s the perfect time to register

Registration for the awards is at a promotional price until 25 June 2021. That’s on top of the special offer for registering in 3 or more categories for Eventex Awards 2022! It’s a pretty sweet deal by all means and we’re happy to offer you this opportunity. It can be the piece of smart business that rockets your company to more success in the years to come.Register today - it only makes sense.

Enter the World's #1 Awards for Events and Experience Marketing

Early registration for Eventex Awards 2025 is now open.