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November 8, 2022

How winning an Eventex award helps your business

Winning an award is always fun and great, but participating in widely recognized and prestigious awards also extends to actual business results. Along with the international recognition, that’s the true value of being part of Eventex Awards. Here’s how spending some of your marketing budget on an entry or four yields a huge return on investment.

Research says it’s worth it

First things first - a study by Hendricks & Singhal of the University of Western Ontario and Georgia Institute of Technology shows that winning awards actually helps your company’s bottom line. It revealed that corporate award winners had 37 percent more sales growth. That alone is a pretty strong argument for participation. Fact is, everyone wants to work with winners… or for winners.

It proves you know your stuff

The size of your business doesn’t matter, if you have reason to be proud of your work, entering accredited industry awards makes a ton of sense. And in the world of events Eventex Awards is probably the most prestigious one. It not only proves to your current and potential clients that you know your stuff, but also strengthens your reputation as a company that can deliver top results.

Compare with the best

Eventex Awards is the ultimate benchmark in the industry and provides a great opportunity to compare against the competition. That’s a pretty big reason why you’d want to nominate your agency, as it holds a ton of value even if you don’t actually win an award. This also leads to improved employee morale, as it’s essentially their hard work that gets the recognition it deserves. You can even celebrate the success with them, as a team.

Increased visibility and credibility

Winning an award can help boost your company’s profile, and that’s not just among current and potential customers - you receive more attention from sponsors, vendors, suppliers. Many of the biggest brands follow Eventex Awards for potential business partners. You also get extra promotional materials to commemorate your recognitions including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize trophies, certificates of excellence, digital seals, features in the online ceremony, numerous social media opportunities, and more!

Can’t win if you don’t play

The potential gains of entering international awards of Eventex Awards’ calibre are just too good to pass. Remember, the most important part is putting your name in the hat. Even if you don’t actually win, you still benefit from enhanced company reputation, boosted employee morale, and the confidence of your current and potential clients that your quality and professionalism are exactly what they’re looking for.

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