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November 8, 2022

The German Insight to Eventex Awards: No Word Gambling, Just Pure Quality Content Off The Beaten Track


Tips from Events Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Hans Jurgen HeinrichHow does your job relate to the event industry?As a Chief Editor of an important German MICE magazine I am daily involved in trends and strategies of all relevant players in the industry. Moreover, as a columnist, a facilitator of panel discussions, a member of advisory boards and jury panels, I get additional insights.What are your most important duties?Description and evaluation of the major industry movements.How do you describe your work style?My work style is observant, sometimes descriptive, always critical in a positive way.What motivates you to judge Eventex Awards?To keep myself well informed about the current trends and to gain an up to date overview about lighthouse concepts.How do you recognize a winner?Creativity, out of the box thinking, attention to detail.What do you find unforgivable in an application?Professionalism in presentation style is inevitable. Bread and butter events, daily routine, big budget battles should not be awarded but outstanding conceptions with perfect fulfillment of the briefing and a good, measurable ROI in all relevant fields.Your advice to contestants?Invest time and money in your presentation. It´s worth it. Only present outstanding concepts off the beaten track. Do not gamble with empty words, deliver content. Quantity means nothing, quality’s everything.What aspect of event planning inspires you the most?To understand the briefing, even the hidden goals behind the official briefing. To awaken the brand through intelligent Live Marketing Communication. The cross media aspect (Hybrid Events) before, during and after a campaign; live campaigns versus singular events; deep impact, high emotional involvement of the participants.

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