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July 1, 2020

Eventex Index: The Top 50 Event Organizers and Agencies for 2020

Eventex Index: The Top 50 Event Organizers and Agencies for 2020

Now that the final results from Eventex Awards 2020 have been announced, we also got to update the ultimate ranking of companies and services in the meetings and events industry - the Eventex Index! The top 50 event organizers and agencies for 2020 represents consistent excellence in the meetings and events industry over the last 3 years, based on the number of Eventex awards won during that period. Gold yields 100 points, 50 points for Silver, and 30 points for Bronze. The latest edition of Eventex Awards always yields the full amount of points, while the accolades from the previous 2 years have less weight. It’s another way for us to recognize the tremendous work that goes into creating memorable event experiences and what makes the Eventex Index so relevant.Dutch company XSAGA has the top spot for the fourth year in a row, followed closely by The Embassy - OIC, AIM Group International, both from Italy, and Switzerland-based Kenes Group. Another Italian agency makes the prestigious top 5 and it’s a newcomer on the index - Triumph Group International.

The USA has an impressive 9 agencies in the top 50 event organizers and agencies for 2020, followed by Russia with 5 agencies, and Germany and UK both in third place with 4 agencies each. The 24 countries represented on the Eventex Index is another testament to just how diverse Eventex Awards really is, especially when you look at the 8 new countries that made the index this year - Australia, Cyprus, Hungary, Macao SAR China, Pakistan, Serbia, Spain, and Turkey.Now let’s talk about Eventex Awards 2021. Registration for the 11th edition is in full swing and interest in the competition is as high as ever. It could have something to do with the exclusive offer that’s available for this edition only - Register two or more entries and get 50% off! It’s the best deal ever.

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