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July 4, 2024

Eventex B2B Match Highlights: Navigating the Future with Sujoy Cherian

If you have missed out on Eventex B2B Match 2024, we’re bringing you insight from our live sessions to help you discover solutions and strategies to elevate your work. We’re kicking off our series of Eventex B2B Match Highlights with Sujoy Cherian, Creative Technologist, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of Option 1 Group, who brings us closer to the future by illuminating the path toward integrating cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence in the events industry. 

Navigating the Future: Accelerating AI and Tech Adoption in the Events Industry

Sujoy’s presentation covers the latest trends, practical applications, and visionary strategies that are reshaping how events are conceptualized, executed, and experienced. Check out some notable highlights below.  

Life beyond the display  

Starting with content, which is an industry centerpiece, technology and innovation have been transformational in terms of content engagement and bridging the gap between passive and active content consumption. 

If you want to cross the line between passive content consumption and active content consumption, you have to tap more than just two senses, which is audio and visual. There has to be an element of touch, feel, taste, and something to engage with for your content to be then consumed to a level where it has life beyond just the display and that is what tech is doing for us today.”

Evolution of technology 

And speaking of displays, display formats have evolved significantly: 

●        Glass LEDs, which are a game-changer in terms of transparency and engagement

●        Unusual formats such as holograms which deliver a mesmerizing experience for the end-user

●        Volumetric displays that give a flexibility of scale.

“It’s not always that the tech has to be evolved, it’s also us as the creators in the industry to put together technology to create these unique experiences.”

Mixed media 

The interaction with content meanwhile has been enhanced by means of AR, VR, MR, and now XR (extended reality). He sees AR glasses that you can just carry in your pocket and put on when attending an event as a game-changer, and a direction where the industry is headed. 


AI in tech & events 

Naturally, AI is a major topic when it comes to event tech. The concept of AI, however, dates back to 1956, then goes through natural language processing which evolved in the 1960s and 1970s, the rise of machine learning in the 2000-2010s, and the jump that we have seen this decade. 

Where are we headed? What’s next? What do we need to prepare for? We don’t want to be the Blackberry of the industry, right? We need to embrace evolution and embrace the innovation, and start to adopt, where we can, and learn because AI is here to stay and is not leaving.

To learn more about how the events industry should adopt AI, watch the live session for free.  

About Sujoy Cherian

Sujoy Cherian is a Creative Technologist and a Serial Entrepreneur who has always been immensely passionate about Technology & innovations. He has launched and built the Option 1 Live brand and led the growth of all the verticals as the CEO for over 15 years and has managed to take the Dubai-based company, which specializes in events, technology, and content to unprecedented horizons. Today, the company is considered one of the major contributors across the globe in immersive event designs, Fit-tech, hybrid technologies, content creation & interactive software solutions.

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