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November 8, 2022

Eventex 2017 Jury Yearbook: Pádraic Gilligan

Managing Partner at SoolNua

Passionate strategist, marketer and trainer working with destinations, venues and hotels on meetings and events. Songwriter, cyclist, red wine drinker but, above all, gloriously happy family man with 6 amazing children and 5 grandchildren and counting!Favourite line from a song:“Tramps like us baby we were born to run!”The title of a film about you:Loved and blessedCurrent project:Brand value proposition for a major European destination and new brand identity for a US DMC consortium.Name one thing that inspired you at an event you attended:The wonderful way that audience engagement platforms like and Glisser create two way conversations at events.Least favourite thing about events:Watching the de-rig.What event would you go back in time for?The Sermon on the Mount, the unveiing of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Martin Luther’s famous speech or Woodstock.One item you can’t live without?My guitar.Perfection is…. non-existant on this earth but a big bold Brunello shared with my best friend RS comes close.Curiosity is… one of my key drivers!If I had a nickel… for every time I’ve forgotten to attach the attachment I’d be very wealthy now!Walking a straight line… is over-rated!VR or RV? Definitely RV!Brain teaser or no-brainer? Brain teaser!Frontstage or backstage? Both please!Describe the Eventex experience in 1 word: AwesomeWhat question do you wish we’d asked?Do you believe in miracles?Yes, I do. They happen every day.

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