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September 18, 2016

How to Choose Your Event Destination and Why We Chose Dublin

How to Choose Your Event Destination and Why We Chose Dublin

Choosing the right destination for your event is crucial for creating that unique event experience. Even though there are different qualities that make each city special, there are a couple of factors that every event professional should keep in mind when choosing THAT special place.Below we have summarized key qualities you should look at when choosing your next event destination, why we think Dublin is a perfect city for event professionals, and why we picked it as host for Eventex 2017.

Accessibility of Dublin as the Event Destination

Even though it seems like you can hop on the plane and reach the most exotic of places in an instant, we all know the realities of modern travel. The travel to and from the airport, the extensive security checks, the rush to catch the transfer flights and, of course, all the different time zones that take at least a day to get used to.For that fact business travel matters, it matters a lot. No event professional with already busy schedule wants to go through the hassle of changing several flights or having difficulties reaching the event destination in general.Dublin Airport is very well connected within as well as outside Europe. It’s also the winner of a No. 1 Passenger Service in Europe and the European Accessibility Award. Last year, 25 million passengers used Dublin Airport, while this year the figure is expected to hit over 27 million. This gave us confidence that the experience of our attendees while travelling to and from Dublin will be fast, pleasant and smooth.

Business Hub

The increasing traffic at Dublin Airport is not just a sign of sightseeing interest. The city is strategically located between mainland Europe and the Americas, and that’s one of the reasons US companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have large offices located there.When choosing your event destination, business is also an important factor! While you can opt for an exotic location, where businesses will be almost solely leisure-related, if you are choosing a big city, make sure it’s a booming business hub. Your attendees may want to meet their clients, partners and potential leads from the area.Two interesting facts about the economy of Dublin are that it has been ranked 10th on the list of European cities with most millionaires per capita, as 1 out of 40 Dubliners is a millionaire, and the city is the IT Call Centre capital of Europe, with over 100,000 people employed in the industry.

Local Language

One of the reasons why we decided to move Eventex to Dublin was language. English is arguably the most widely accepted language among event professionals. Ireland, being an English speaking country, makes it easier for the delegates to communicate and find their way around.However Dublin doesn’t lack an exotic nuance, Irish is also an official language, while Dubliners have their own slang – Dublineese. Here are two interesting Dublineese phrases to get you started:“Howeya” – “How are you?”“Story luv” or “Story” – “How are you?” or “Any news?”

Convention bureaus & Support

When choosing your event’s destination have a look at the local support available. Are there convention bureaus, or other organizations that provide information and services to foreign event organizers?Ireland has a long history of hosting events and organisations such as Meet in Ireland and Failte Ireland. They are there to facilitate event organizers, to get the necessary information and support from a single place, which makes planning Eventex 2017 much easier.

Hotels and Venues

Your attendees will need a place to stay, and though you will probably partner with one or two local hotels, it is important that visitors have a wider choice. Take a look at all the accommodation options available, their locations and services.How about event venues? The bigger hotels will have conference rooms, but you’ll also want to explore other original and unusual venues. What venue would suit your event, does the destination offer such properties? Although bigger cities offer more venue options, perhaps your ideal location might be in a smaller, more intimate setting.We found that plenty of hotels and venues make Dublin just perfect for Eventex, however our decision was made, when we received a surprise call from Croke Park – a great venue for events in Dublin. They offered to host Eventex, and the more and more we read about Croke Park’s history, the more we fell in love with this amazing venue. It’s actually Europe’s third largest stadium and has hosted concerts by Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, Beyonce and many other stars.

Sightseeing and Tourism

The decision to attend, or skip an event, greatly depends on the destination itself, specifically what local sights and attractions it offers. A large number of attendees will want to take in the sights, explore the location and maybe even book an extra day or two as time off. When choosing your event’s destination consider local attractions and places of interest, give your attendees information about them.Dublin is a capital city and as such it has many historic landmarks, cathedrals and churches, Malahide Castle, Dublin Castle, the National Museum of Ireland. For art lovers there is the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Museum of Modern Art. If, on the other hand, attendees want to get in touch with nature, there are the National botanic Gardens, Dublin Zoo, Dublin’s Phoenix Park, the largest walled park in Europe, which is five times the size of London’s Hyde Park and double the size of New York’s Central Park. For alternative sights there is the Kilmainham Gaol prison, the Guinness Storehouse, the old Jameson Distillery among many, many other attractions.

Genius Loci – Local Spirit

Ireland has long been marketed as the land of a hundred thousand welcomes – ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’, and Dublin has it’s own so called ‘Genius Loci’, or in other words the special local spirit that makes it a unique destination. The small brick houses and foggy weather are a perfect combo for the romantic souls. And even though outside it may be cold and misty, the many Irish Pubs are famous for their warm and jolly atmosphere.

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