Eventex 2016. Re-imagined.

The international event for event professionals with a festival vibe

The Extraordinary 8th Edition will be Nothing like Anything you’ve Experienced!

Eventex 2016 is a real adventure: scattered around the city center for the first two days to finally come together on Day 3 at one of Sofia’s signature venues: the National Palace of Culture! With more than 15 educational events, workshops, inspiration sessions, networking, and entertainment activities, Eventex 2016 is too tempting to resist.

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Why Eventex 2016?

You will acquire at least one new skill after Eventex 2016 that you can apply right on the next day. The educational program is focused on helping you achieve higher event ROI.

You will create long-lasting business relationships. The series of innovatory activities will make sure networking is not an awkward experience, but a pleasant and fun adventure.

You will get inspired. Eventex 2016 is different, born in a non-traditional location with a sui-generis nature.  Get ready to be blown away.

Previous attendees include

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"Eventex is the meeting design and event technology lab for the curious and adventurous minds - don't miss the warm hospitality of the Bulgarian Eventprofs! "

− Michael Heipel, Germany

"Eventex is definitely worth traveling for! I got a huge dose of inspiration, met wonderful people and potential business partners and am certainly going to use what I learned there to make my next events better. I'll remember the experience I had there for my whole life. Can't wait to come again!"

− Thiago Ferreira (Brazil/Serbia)

"Eventex is truly an international opportunity for event professionals from around the globe to come together and network, be educated and to celebrate the events industry."

− James Morgan (UK)

"The Eventex team really showed that younger event industry expos and awards can still pull it off. Their passion and enthusiasm really made the event shine and the point is that it's guaranteed to only get better. I look forward to being involved in any of their future work."

− Damian Oracki, Showslice (United Kingdom)

"Great opportunity to connect with the European event community."

− Chett Rubenstein, USA

"I went to Eventex 2015 with an open mind an not really sure what to expect. I was completely blown away, the event was really well organised and there was plenty to learn in the seminars and opportunity to network in the coffee breaks and evening events. Bring On Eventex 2016"

− Ash Austin, Evolution Dome (UK)

"Eventex is one of its kind! It should be visited by all of the professionals in the industry! New points of view, information and knowledge from the best speakers, great opportunity for networking and a source of ideas and opportunities - this is Eventex!"

− Maria Maranova, Dieselor (Bulgaria)