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October 4, 2015

8 Essential Reasons to Attend the 8th Edition of Eventex

8 Essential Reasons to Attend the 8th Edition of Eventex

Did you know that in most cultures the number 8 symbolises a beginning of a new life and resurrection? The re-imagined 8th edition of Eventex is the mere proof that 8 is truly a magic number bringing along innovations. Eventex 2016 has a brand new concept and vision designed to disrupt your thinking and help you elevate your events to a whole new level of greatness.To show you a small glimpse of it, we’ve tried to point out the 8 primary reasons to attend Eventex 2016:

1. Acquire at Least One New Skill You Need to Possess as an Event Prof

Let’s admit it. You don’t know it all. No matter how experienced you are in your job, the event industry is constantly developing and so should you if you want to stay competitive and keep on creating top-notch events. There are always some new marketing tactics you could apply, a new tool or technology gadget you could use that may bring a revolutionary change to your events. That’s why Eventex 2016 offers 6 exclusive masterclasses covering at least one skill you need to acquire or further develop in order to stay among the exceptional event profs.

2. Get Invaluable Know-How from Global Influencers in the Meetings and Events Industry

I’m sure you’ve been to all kinds of trainings and workshops about marketing, sales, new technologies, design, you name it. But how many of them have been specifically tailored to your needs as an event prof? Not many, I guess. Our trainers have vast experience in the meetings and events industry and are more than happy to share it with you. Learn more about Eventex star-coaches here.

3. Get a Blast of Inspiration and Unleash Your Mind

In the events industry we need more doses of inspiration than most professions do. We must come up with new and original ideas for topics, entertainment activities, design, content and so much more. While at the same time doing the routine job of venue searching, budgeting, organizational details and so many other not-so-creative-and-fun bits of our job. You could easily run out of ideas and inspiration and deliver well-organised but simply missing that wow-effect event. At Eventex, we believe that no event deserves to be mediocre! That’s why we’ve provided first-class speakers and out-of-the-box activities that will serve as that shot of inspiration you need. Let Eventex 2016 be your muse!

4. Create Powerful Business Relationships

Time is money, we all know that. So despite being here for knowledge, inspiration, and well, a little bit of fun, there is nothing better than mixing pleasure with business. Eventex is a meeting point not only for event profs from all over the globe but also for representatives of all event-related businesses. It’s the perfect place to find new service providers, speakers or partners. Last year, one of our attendees even found a new employer! Eventex is simply an irresistible opportunity that you can’t afford to miss.


5. Discover the Newest Trends in the Events Industry

Any professional in any industry knows that in order to be one of the best, you need to keep yourself up to date with the new trends in your field. However, nowadays with the huge amounts of information we are being flooded hourly, it’s almost impossible to follow the news in your industry while doing your job. Not to mention the rapid development of the audiovisuals and event technologies that could save you tons of time and money but are simply so hard to keep up with. At Eventex you will catch up with the most significant trends in the events industry in order to stay on top.

6. Exchange Ideas with Like-Minded Peers from All Over the Globe

As event profs we know best how irreplaceable a tete-a-tete contact is. It’s twice as enriching, twice as more bonding and a lot more pleasant than any other form of communication we enjoy today. At Eventex you will meet like-minded peers from all over the world with whom you share the same passions and the same issues that sometimes keep you up at night. What a better place to find solutions to your problems and generate new ideas? No doubt that will be an experience you will not regret.

7. Get Recognition for Your Hard Work

If you have an event that you want to show off with, here is the time and place to do that! Eventex Awards are the most glamorous part of the Eventex experience. Your event will be evaluated by our five-star international jury and will have the opportunity to gain global recognition. Check out the different award categories here.AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…

8. Experience a Real Adventure and Have Fun

What makes an event special and worth-remembering are those small wow-details it provides, such as: surprises, unconventional networking activities and of course the entertaining part of the event. For our most respected and precious audience - YOU - the people we share the same profession and passions with, we’ve made sure to prepare a real adventure you won’t forget. Get ready to be surprised!That’s what you could expect from Eventex 2016 – an event-prof kit of knowledge and inspiration spiced with a pinch of adventure. We will be happy to hear what you would like to see and experience at Eventex so that we tailor it even more to your desires and needs. Let us know with a comment below.

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