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November 8, 2022

5 Ways to Make your Award Entry Stand Out

So you want to make everyone know that you are the event professional of the year, best event planner or event agency but you are not sure how to write an entry that could secure you a spot on the stage? No worries, we are here to guide you throughout the process!

After 6 years of organizing Global Event Awards and having read over 500 entries from renowned companies we have gathered some pretty useful insights and best practices to help you craft an award winning entry. Ready? Here you go:

1. Understand & RespondThis can sound pretty obvious but let’s be honest here, how many times have you just skimmed through an important text without paying much attention? Be it due to workload or disruptions we often do not read instructions properly so it happens that we do not even reply to the posed questions or simply do not include enough details for others to understand what we want to say. So before you start typing find a quiet place where you can spend some time focusing fully on your entry. Include enough details to make sure people who have not attended your event know what it was about.

2. Be Specific, Be ConciseYou’ve got 30 seconds to catch the jury’s attention and to make them want to know more. This counts for 2 - 3 opening sentences so the best is to go straight to the point and write a definition of your event/product or service and what makes it special. Sometimes it may be the best to leave this part at the end when all your thoughts have settled in and you have a clear idea of what your event or product really stands for.Even though you may have novel writing skills the jury will not appreciate it in this case so don’t overdo it with fluffy words or cliches and be careful about the word count. If you do not stick to such basic requirement it will create an impression that you have not payed enough attention to your entry.

3. Your Secret Weapons: Authenticity & OriginalityWhat is fine to put on your website might not be the best way to do so for your event entry. Take it as if you were writing to a completely new audience or running a marketing campaign. Be original and tailor your entry to this specific group.Don’t be afraid to mention failures - they are proof of you being authentic. However, present them as challenges that you needed to face and point out how you managed t overcome all issues and make your event happen.

4. Pictures Tell a Thousand WordsJust think of how social media work and what kind of content gets more engagement and attention. It is all about pictures and video content. Same happens with your entry when it is evaluated by judges - photographs or videos of your event will definitely make them more interested and help them understand your event.

5. Looks CountEven though you have impeccable English there are always possibilities of making a typo (especially if you have changed and re-written the whole thing couple of times). Have your entry proofread by someone. Another pair of eyes may spot mistakes and get your entry to the next level with some improvements. Appearance of text is also important so do not forget to appropriately format and make it easy to read.

Wrap UpIt only takes a few seconds to catch jury’s attention but if you follow these rules you will definitely make your entry appealing:

  • Write in plain English and use active voice where possible.
  • Respond to questions and provide enough details.
  • Think from the jury’s perspective: show what makes your event or product special and use visual to enhance your content.
  • Format your text & Proofread: use bullets/numbered list; highlight the important data; leave space between paragraphs.
  • And most importantly: Write with passion and enthusiasm which will give your entry the special flavour.

Enough said and now it is your turn to sit down and do your part! Apply for Eventex Global Event Awards 2017 and show our international judges how good your event/product or service is in one of the categories. Who knows, you might be the next event prof star to stand on the stage during the awards gala at Croke Park, Dublin on 24 January 2017. Good luck!

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