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November 8, 2022

5 Key Reasons to Join the 9th Annual Eventex Awards

Founded in 2009 Eventex Awards is the first ever international event industry competition. In these 9 years of celebrating creativity and innovation, we got many other “firsts”, and the next edition promises to be the best one yet.Here are 5 key reasons why you can’t miss it!

Global reach

Participating in an international competition of Eventex Awards’ calibre is an exceptional opportunity to increase your global and local reach. With 50К+ website visitors a year, 22K+ community members, and an estimate of 20K+ views of the online ceremony alone, it is undoubtedly the biggest stage out there!Throw into the mix our Top 20 Eventex All-stars index based on a weighted score that takes into account how your entries have fared in the last 3 editions of the competition.You end up with a ton of publicity via case studies, various interviews, social media and all other published content.

Impress your customers

Speaking of standing out, in business you don’t get extra points for being humble. It’s all about who threw the most creative event, came up with the top innovation, whose campaign reached more people, which app offered superior features. Winning the Eventex trophy gives you the bragging rights that come with being officially declared best in your field. It’s your “I’m #1” hat.It’s also a statement that shows you take pride in your work and in your team, that makes people trust you, value your opinion, and rely on your judgment more.So join Eventex Awards to impress your current customers and attract oodles of new ones!

Level playing field

We know what it takes to produce an amazing event and that everyone involved deserves recognition for all that hard work. Your entries are lovingly rated for creativity & innovation, planning & execution as well as effectiveness & results - a system based entirely on merit, instead of on the size of the budget, or how big a name is behind the entry.An awards competition is only as good as its judging panel. That’s why the Eventex Awards judges are cherry-picked among the current creative minds, top influencers, and thought leaders in the industry. We also make sure each member of the judging panel is assigned to categories where there’s no conflict of interests.If you’re on the lookout for a truly transparent and fair competition, Eventex Awards is your first stop!

A sound business investment

Whether you’re hands down the biggest player in the industry or a small event agency, your ultimate goal is to keep growing. That’s where Eventex Awards helps the most. Just like an Oscar nominee is able to negotiate better contracts, your agency can do so too as a global event award finalist.Entering Eventex Awards not only has the potential to boost your profit margins, it also comes at a fraction of the cost of similar awards. If you want to further establish your name locally and globally as a leader in your field, there’s no better way to do it than join the most affordable competition in the industry.Improving your market penetration even on its own is a solid enough reason to register. It all comes down to this - boosting your profits.

Too good to miss

Eventex Awards is much like fine wine in that it keeps getting better and better with every year. While the 8th edition made waves across the industry and was seen by the competition’s largest audience yet, for the 9th edition we’re taking things to the next level! We’re keeping our cards close to the chest, but we can still reveal some:

  • 100+ award categories in 7 main groups devoted to events, technologies, hotels, venues, destinations, suppliers, and agencies. Now, everybody who contributes to making an experience out of an event gets a chance to be recognized for their hard work;
  • a grand online ceremony broadcast on social media with an expected reach of 40K+ and an opportunity to engage with the top influencers in the event industry;
  • lots of surprises in store - prepare for the unexpected!

Register early, pay less, get more time to create your winning entries!

Enter the World's #1 Awards for Events and Experience Marketing

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