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Przemysław Witkowski

Creative Director, PLEJ

My name is Przemek Witkowski, I come from Poland.  I have been associated with the event industry for almost 20 years. I am one of the people who shapes and influences the event marketing in my country. Some of the events, concepts and creations that I did were unique, innovative and sometimes implemented in our country for the first time. Currently, I work as a Creative Director in one of the largest Polish marketing agencies, PLEJ. I am responsible for the creation in the event department. I also work closely with the production teams. Some of the events - especially those based on modern technologies - I produce myself. I assume that creation cannot be separated from production, and a good creative is one who has been and is present at many events. In my career, I have been a creative producer, creative director and managing director. For eight years I was the general manager of my own agency, which was perceived as one of the most innovative agencies on the Polish market.

I am the author of many creative concepts and ideas as well as slogans, scripts and texts. I love new technologies. However, CSR activities has a very a special place in my event heart.

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