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Olivier Monod de Froideville

CCO, 360 Experience Group

After his studies of Business Economics, Olivier followed his heart & passion and started his career in the Audiovisual sector in the event industry in 2003.

After two years he started his own technical production company called Livetime Productions, together with his former boss. This company grew to be one of the key players of The Netherlands, responsible for many shows and events, like the Inauguration of the Dutch King, but also many corporate events, concerts and  public events.

In 2018 Livetime Productions merged with Unlimited Productions to grow together   internationally.   Unlimited Productions was founded in 2009 by famous Dutch DJ Tiësto and run by his production partner Bart Roelen at that time. Unlimited Productions had managed to grow a big international network of promoters, event organizers and suppliers all over the world, in a variety of segments, and seemed to be the perfect match with Livetime Productions. After the merge the new company that continued under the names Unlimited Productions (production), Unlimited Creatives (design) and Unlimited Solutions (innovation and product development) the company grew over 40% and became   a global key player for the production of corporate events, public events, concerts, festivals, sports events, broadcast and public events, working for agencies, brands, organizers and promoters all over the world.

In 2020 the holding of Unlimited joined forces with the Unbranded Group, specialized in scenic build (Unbranded), creative LED (Soulmates) and logistics (Loo Vision). they created the 360 Experience Group, with a clear vision of buy & build  and international growth to become a world leader in the market of entertainment and experiences. In 2022 the 360 Experience Group   acquired Live Legends, a well-known Experience Design Agency and 4Light Technical Projects, in order to scale more in design, content and production of large scale events.

Olivier is one of six founders/owners of the 360 Experience Group and in his role as CCO responsible for the commercial strategy of   the group and together with Willem Loos (strategy) and Gaston van de Poel (Chairman), Olivier is also responsible for new business development and the growth and scaling of the company by buy & build. The group has an impressive headcount of approximately  150 full time employees and has a perfect sweet spot  of independence and works for the best agencies of the world without owning any hardware/equipment to be able to get the best (local) suppliers from the global network that fit the job. With this role they can keep the focus on the right quality of work and the best creative team, with the minimum sustainable footprint.

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