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Necoya Tyson

Owner & CEO, Lightsey Event Solutions (LES)

Necoya Tyson, CEM-AP, CCEP, CGMP, CWP is the visionary entrepreneur and driving force behind Lightsey Event Solutions (LES), a leading conference and tradeshow management company. With a passion for creating unparalleled event experiences and a keen understanding of the intricacies of the industry, Necoya has built a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Having started LES from the ground up, Necoya brings a wealth of expertise in tradeshow logistics, strategic planning, and client relationship management. With a career spanning almost 20 years in the tradeshow and event management sector, she has successfully overseen the execution of numerous high-profile events, earning the trust of clients and industry partners alike.

Necoya is known for her creative approach to event design and execution, always staying ahead ofindustry trends and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enhance the attendee experience. She takes pride in fostering a dynamic and collaborative work environment within LES, ensuring that the team is equipped to meet and exceed the unique demands of each client.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Necoya is dedicated to delivering events that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Her keen attention to detail, strategic mindset, and hands-on approach have positioned LES as a trusted partner for businesses seeking seamless and impactful event experiences.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Necoya is an active participant in industry associations and forums, contributing her insights to further elevate the standards of tradeshow management. With a vision for the future and a passion for creating memorable moments, Necoya continues to lead LES to new heights in the dynamic and ever-changing world of conferences & tradeshows.

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