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The "Top 100 Event Organizers & Agencies" for 2023 are here - see thе full list

Michael Shapiro

Executive Editor, Northstar Meetings Group

Michael J. Shapiro is the executive editor at Northstar Meetings Group, a division of Northstar Travel Group and owner of the brands Meetings & Conventions, Successful Meetings, Incentive and Meeting News. Michael plays a key role in content strategy and maintaining consistency across the group's titles. For more than 15 years he has covered a variety of geographic beats as well as the evolution and transformative effects of technology on the meetings and travel professions. He has likewise written about a variety of other industry topics from the planner perspective, from working with hotels and business travel to burgeoning markets in Asia and all of the Spanish-speaking world.

Michael’s 20+ years in publishing began with technology publications, both consumer and trade, and he has since created content for a wide variety of titles, from DigitalFOTO to Planet to Smart Business to Imbibe. He is also a photographer, a developer of event sessions, a webinar host and generally a wearer of many content-producing hats. A native of Pittsburgh, Pa., Michael lived in San Francisco and New York City before relocating for more than 15 years to Guadalajara, a.k.a. the Silicon Valley of Mexico. He currently resides in Ann Arbor, Mich.

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