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The "Top 100 Event Organizers & Agencies" for 2023 are here - see thе full list

Martina Warter

General Manager & Publisher at MICE Media Marketing | MICE Destination magazine

General Manager & Publisher

After her professional education in international business, Martina started her career with Microsoft in Central Europe building up service and distribution for the Eastern European Market in the early 1990s. After accompanying the creation of the first Microsoft subsidiaries in Eastern Europe and establishing their distributors' product service and logistic channels, Martina was promoted to head a major business re-engineering project for Microsoft end-user sales & marketing division in Germany.In the new millennium, after taking a sabbatical timeout and moving to Southern France, Martina started to look into the hospitality industry before she joined I&MI Media, one of the first publishing companies in the MICE industry, as the company’s Director of Website Development and Special Projects when the company mutated step by step from a print media to an online media company.Martina founded MICE Media Marketing late 2013 to prepare for taking over I&MI Media’s publishing business upon one of the owner’s retirement. After a year of consolidation and re-engineering, the interactive magazine MICE:destination launched successfully in 2015. MICE:destination steps beyond distribution limits and the magazine’s concept is focusing around supporting planners in their daily business.Martina believes that many problems on our planet require everybody’s careful attention and while an individual may not solve serious issues like the refugee situation, but with a little good will of every individual in developed countries, this situation’s roots may lose its urgency over time. She, therefore, takes pleasure in also bringing destinations to planner’s attention which are outside the ‘normal’ planning scheme and in supporting industry events in emerging countries.

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