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Ingar Hagen

Co-founder, Tappin AS

With over a decade at the forefront of event technology, Ingar Hagen has established himself as a key figure in the industry. As a co-founder of Tappin AS, a company that has revolutionized how we think about event technology, Ingar has demonstrated a unique ability to anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the event and technology sectors.

Ingar began his career in the technology industry, where he quickly exhibited a strong understanding of both technical and commercial aspects. His passion for technology and innovation led him to the event industry, where he has applied his expertise to drive innovations and improvements.

During his years at Tappin AS, Ingar has been a driving force in the company's growth and success. He played a pivotal role during the company's transformation amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a period that demanded rapid adaptation and innovative thinking. Thanks to Ingar's leadership and vision, Tappin not only survived this challenging time but also thrived and evolved.

In addition to his contributions to Tappin AS, Ingar is known for his ability to share his knowledge and experience. He has been a mentor and inspiration to many in the industry, always willing to guide and support startups and colleagues.

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