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The "Top 100 Event Organizers & Agencies" for 2023 are here - see thе full list

Alexey Kalachev

CEO of Russian Convention Bureau

CEO of the Russian Convention Bureau

Alexey Kalachev has a vast experience in largest private companies and government bodies. Draws on 15 years in communications, event and project management, which includes organizing and managing Russian and international event projects, exhibitions and conferences, as well as public relations. His main focus is efficient cooperation with event industry players, such as private companies, international industry associations, Russian and foreign state companies, as well as partners representing other industries.Has held a number of large events both in Russian and foreign venues and provided communications support for government bodies and private companies. Has worked outside Russia, focusing on event industry, business contacts and organizing exhibitions and congresses for both Russian and foreign participants.

Alexey Kalachev’s professional achievements are not only in the organisation of event projects, communication, PR, etc but in the strategic promotion of Russia’s event potential at the international markets and building up the standards of industry inside the country as well. He is also the CEO of the first Convention Bureau of Russia founded in November 2017. After the first year of his work, the Russian Convention Bureau has already noticed considerable results and Russia is achieving great interest as an event destination among the international buyers and organizers. As of today, the RUSSIA OPEN TO THE WORLD brand is well recognized among professionals of the industry and has been associated in their minds with the Russian traditions of hospitality. Under this slogan, Russian delegations regularly present at major international industry events seeking to straighten the country's image as an ideal destination for events of any level, demonstrate the regional potential for holding events and attract international business events to Russia.

Alexey Kalachev entered the Kongres Magazine ranking of the top 10 most influential professionals of Europe in industry events in 2018 in the category "Territorial marketing organizations and congress bureau".

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