Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Blogger, CEO and founder of Faustus

Helena Wallo is founder of Faustus, which is event consulting and training company.  She is author, trainer and blogger in the event industry. She gives public speaking, training and consulting around event marketing and events. Helena has created Successful Event Model. Helena has written books in Finnish around event marketing called Tapahtuma on tilaisuus (Events are possibility) published 2003, 5th edition 2016 and Isännyyden ihanuus (How to host events) published 2009.

She has spend most of her career among marketing, marketing communication and events. She has been working in insurance companies  and IT- sector.

She has been judging in Evento Awards in Finland since the beginning of them. She is also judge in Baltic For Events and Mesoaja, which is special fair competition in Finland.  She is president of  MPI in Finland Chapter and member of Society for Sponsorship and Event Marketing (SJTM). Her dream is to get even more successful and effective events!

She writes event blogs:

Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration (B.Sc.) main subject marketing, Teacher’s pedagogical qualification, specialist in competence based qualifications, Specialist Qualification in Product Development.

Connect with Helena over social media:

Twitter: @HelenaWallo
Instagram: @tapahtumatohtori
Facebook: Helena Wallo
LinkedIn: Helena Wallo

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