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Your Winner Digital Seal for Eventex Awards 2024

Congratulations on your success!

Winning the world’s #1 award for events and experience marketing is an outstanding achievement that not only deserves celebration within your network and beyond but also gives you and your brand immense marketing power. 

Please choose your official Eventex Awards 2024 Winner Digital Seal from the options below.

Option 1. Static SVG

We have prepared a light and dark version so that you can select the one that best matches the color palette of your website. 

  • Right-click or drag to your desktop to download the SVG of your choice. 
  • Place it on your site with a link back to the Eventex website.

Option 2. Code snippet

For even more comprehensive website marketing, use the code snippet we have provided as the ultimate digital proof of your success. 

  • Copy and paste the CSS and HTML into your website code. 
  • Depending on your settings, you can opt to add the code across your entire website or selected pages only.
  • Adjust the placement and select either 'absolute' or 'fixed' positioning depending on your preference. 
  • Modify the 'z-index' to adjust its depth within your layout.
  • If you prefer to position the seal at the bottom left or bottom right, we've provided the CSS options for you. Simply select your preference from the commented-out code parts in the CSS.

Light mode

See the Pen Eventex Winner Digital Seal | Light Mode by Eventex Awards (@eventex) on CodePen.

Dark Mode

See the Pen Eventex Winner Digital Seal | Dark Mode by Eventex Awards (@eventex) on CodePen.

Please note that the seals displayed in the Codepen windows are in responsive mode.

Terms & Conditions

The present Terms & Conditions regulate the use of the Eventex Awards 2024 Winner Digital Seal, referred to as Digital Seal onwards. 

Please review carefully the latest version of these Terms & Conditions prior to using the Digital Seal. They represent an agreement between you and Weemss Ltd, owner of Eventex Awards.  

  • Ownership: The Digital Seal remains the property of Weemss Ltd.
  • Authorized Use: The Digital Seal is granted solely to individuals or entities recognized as Eventex Awards winners for their respective entry or entries.
  • Non-transferable: The Digital Seal is non-transferable and may only be used by the awarded individual or entity.
  • Display: The Digital Seal may be displayed on digital platforms, websites, social media, and other promotional materials related to the awarded project or entity.
  • Backlink: The Digital Seal should always feature a backlink to the Eventex Awards website ( which must not be removed, altered, or modified. 
  • Alterations: The Digital Seal must not be altered, modified, or misrepresented in any way.
  • Compliance: Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their use of the Digital Seal. 
  • Revocation: Eventex Awards reserves the right to revoke the Digital Seal if it is found to be misused or if the awarded party is found to be in violation of these Terms & Conditions or the General Terms and Conditions of Eventex Awards.
  • Liability: Weemss Ltd. shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred from the use or misuse of the Digital Seal.
  • Acceptance: Use of the Digital Seal constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
  • Changes: Weemss Ltd. reserves the right to change the present Terms & Conditions without prior notice. 

Date of last revision: April 19, 2024. 

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