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December 5, 2023

The magic of the Eventex Awards categories

The magic of the Eventex Awards categories

With the 14th edition underway, it’s time for a peek into one of the elements that make Eventex Awards the world’s leading accolade for events and experience marketing — our categories catalog. With an annual revamp, the categories make sure that every Eventex Awards edition effectively accommodates current and future trends while maintaining the awards’ vibrancy and diversity. 

The benefits of multiple categories 

Eventex Awards 2024 features some 300 categories, divided into several tracks and groups, with every one of those categories the result of careful planning and consideration. While the number might seem a tad overwhelming, it has a lot of benefits for our participants and the Eventex community as well:  

  • Broader recognition — a large number of categories make for a broader range of recognition, ensuring no event industry area is overlooked, meaning, not only events and experiences but also venues, suppliers, event tech, as well as different event elements; 
  • Better recognition of entry strengths — more specific and versatile categories allow entrants to highlight the strengths of an entry better, be it the set-up, purpose, etc., which in turn leads to better recognition of that specific aspect, along with the hard work of the team behind it. This recognition extends not only to the team/agency’s strengths but also to the image and values they aim to embody and promote;    
  • Fairer competition — having multiple categories levels the playing field, minimizing the chances that the merits of an entry go unnoticed because the category it competes in is too broad for it to properly stand out. This additionally fine-tunes judge focus and the application of criteria, yielding more meaningful feedback, one of the cornerstones of Eventex Awards; 
  • Showcasing innovation — more specific categories highlight and promote emerging trends that could otherwise get lost in a blanket category; 
  • Long-term viability — incorporating a multitude of categories, coupled with an annual review and analysis of the previous edition (both in terms of surging and declining category popularity), ensures that Eventex Awards always remains relevant and, as such, beneficial to entrants and winners. 

While having so many categories sounds like a logistical nightmare for awards organizers in theory, we are able to easily handle those and more, courtesy of awards management software Evalato

Some stats & facts 

Eventex Awards entrants definitely appreciate the variety, with stats pointing to entries in as many as 199 categories in our 13th record-breaking edition. And while some of the broader categories such as Public Еvent or Corporate Еvent traditionally enjoyed a large number of entries, more specific categories along the likes of Event storytelling and Versatile venue also attracted significant interest, underscoring the demand for variety and niche recognition.    

As a result, last year, Eventex Awards also saw a record number of entries

Find your match  

So, if you feel like your event, product, service, or venue fits in one or more of the Eventex Awards categories, enter now. Or if you need help choosing just the right one(s), our team is here to help with a free consultation call.

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