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November 8, 2022

“If Nothing Stands Out, Why Should We Award the Event”


Kevin is the founder of the first worldwide TV channel for the event industry. He shared his thoughts as part of the Eventex Awards jury in a blitz interview...How does your job relate to the event industry?I'm the host of, a dedicated tv-show for the event industry sharing tips and knowledge on taking the organization of events to the next level. We inspire businesses on event management topics.What are your most important duties?Beside the host, I'm the Director of our media company. So I have my hands full running the company.How do you describe your work style?Efficient, to the point, innovative, ... kind of a perfectionist.What motivates you to judge Eventex Awards?We like to support initiatives that help make the event industry more professional, just like we do. The Eventex Awards are a great opportunity for organizers to share their ambition and inspire others.How do you recognize a winner?People taking that extra step, making an event an experience with an eye for the smallest details. Thinking out-of-the box and innovate their way of working.What do you find unforgivable in an application?We've seen hundred of events... all the same in one row. If nothing stands out, why should we award the event?Your advice to contestants?Be passionate about what you do. If not, find another challenge.What aspect of event planning inspires you the most?Everything regarding event technology. But no technology just to use technology. It has to fluently integrate with an event and be of an added value.

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