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November 25, 2014

The needs and demands of Meeting Designers, converted in ROI by Meeting Design Pioneer, Eric de Groot

The needs and demands of Meeting Designers, converted in ROI by Meeting Design Pioneer, Eric de Groot

We asked our master speakers a few questions to introduce themselves to Eventex Congress 2015 attendees. In the following weeks we’ll share what they said about themselves and the dynamic Event and Meeting industry they’re daily involved in!

Meet Eric de Groot, one of the pioneers of Meeting Design! Company owner, book author, chamber founder, global educator and entrepreneur, Eric shares his extensive know-how with Eventex Team in the following interview.

How does your job relate to the event industry?I am a meeting designer, a professional who designs meeting programs in order to have them deliver the results the meeting owner needs, and deeply desires.

What are your most important duties? To understand the demands of the organization that hires us, understand the politics that are at stake and come up with a program that has the content and dynamics that suit both the meeting owner and the participant.

How do you describe your work style? Analytic, journalistic, facilitating, creative and always a bit outside the normal…What is the biggest professional risk you have taken? To invest time and money in writing and publishing a book about a profession that does not officially exist.

How do you see the growth in the European event market? The growth depends on the steps we will all take as of today. If we do not innovate, other than in technology, some kind of Airbnb will emerge and blow us all away. If we find a mode to renew ourselves as an industry, a bright future lies ahead.

What do you like the most about Eventex Congress 2015? Don’t know yet :)* Editor’s note: We’ll make sure to ask him again on-site :)

Can you give us a brief outline of what you are presenting at Eventex Congress 2015?  I will facilitate an intense and enjoyable Meeting Design Masterclass covering the basics of our thinking, making it applicable for anyone. Participants from earlier editions of the Masterclass said:“It changed my perspective completely” - India;“Fun and really opening possibilities” - Malaysia;“MindMeeting does what it says, effective meeting experiences” - Ecuador;“Great fun, amazing content” - US.And from ICCA’s CEO Martin Sirk: “Mike and Eric have written a book everyone working in our Industry should read. Into the Heart of Meetings is not about logistics but about getting into the hearts and minds of participants”“Looking forward to meeting the participants in Sofia!”

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