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November 14, 2023

Meet the stellar Eventex Awards 2024 jury panel

Meet the stellar Eventex Awards 2024 jury panel

We’re excited to lift the veil on the Eventex Awards 2024 jury panel — a hand-picked selection of outstanding industry experts who will be in charge of evaluating your entries. As always, we have made an effort to choose remarkable individuals who are at the very top of their field. 

Meet the Eventex Awards 2024 jury 

This year’s Eventex Awards jury panel features a record number of judges, with as many as 134 events industry professionals ready to lend their expertise in evaluating entries from this edition’s 300+ categories. Some other interesting stats and facts about our jury include: 

Your Eventex Awards entries will be evaluated by some of the industry’s most prominent names — renowned journalists from leading event magazines, heads of associations, representatives of convention bureaus, the most creative minds, as well as the top influencers and thought leaders of today. Because your work deserves it!

You can see the full list and get to know our jury members better here.  

Jury presidents in focus

We are also continuing our new tradition of naming several of our esteemed judges as jury presidents. These 9 remarkable individuals will have the task of assisting the rest of their colleagues, offering expert guidance, and making for the smoother onboarding of new jury members and a more efficient overall judging process.

Ready to impress our jury? 

Think your event, product, service, or venue has what it takes to wow our jury of remarkable experts? Register for Eventex Awards 2024 and get the recognition you deserve.

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