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November 8, 2022

An Inspiration Tip From Fully Immersed Event Professional Rosa Garriga Mora: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Rosa Garriga Mora is an events professional with special interest in designing effective meetings whose results are measurable and aligned with an organisation’s strategic objectives. Rosa combines her work as trainer and ROI consultant with different projects related to meeting design. Working with clients from Europe and the United States, she researches and implements solutions to create more effective meetings, from speaker coaching to the use of interactive meeting formats.

How does your job relate to the event industry?

I’ve been working full time in the event industry for the past 6 years and I’ve been on all sides: I’ve worked at a venue, in an events agency, in an in-house department and also on the supplier side. Currently I do training and consultancy on ROI and meeting design, I lecture at several universities in Event management master’s degree, I work with myQaa, a mobile event app company, and I also run a blog about events. So I’m fully immersed in the industry!

What are your most important duties?

My most important duties are to ensure my clients and students are able to apply the ROI methodology to their events, and also, for myQaa I’m responsible for increasing our brand awareness and becoming a thought leader in the event technology field.

How do you describe your work style?

I’m a very practical person and focused on working smarter, not harder. I’m a perfectionist, but at the same time efficient and pragmatic. People usually say I’m the kind of person that gets things done.

What motivates you to judge Eventex Awards?

I love the idea of being involved in recognising excellence, passion and hard work. And, obviously, I always enjoy learning about what’s going on at the forefront of the industry. I was very impressed by the applications from last year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store this year!

How do you recognize a winner?

For me a winner is someone who has a combination of talent, passion, ambition and optimism. Someone who thinks that everything is possible and will work hard to make it happen.

What do you find unforgivable in an application?

I’m not sure if it’s unforgivable, but certainly a must for me is to talk about objectives in detail. Why are you doing this, what do you want to achieve and what are you doing to meet your goals. And “because we’ve always done it this way” is not the right answer! I’m surprised when people don’t have clear ideas on why they do things a certain way.

Your advice to contestants?

Include all the essential information, and only the essential (you may include more details as additional information though). In Spain we have this saying “The good, if brief, is twice as good”. So make your application short and concise, include headlines and bold/underline the key statements, but don’t miss any of the required information.

What aspect of event planning inspires you the most?

For me events are so motivating because they are about my 2 main passions: learning and meeting people. That is all I want to do!

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