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January 3, 2023

How to make the best of your success: a guide for winners

How to make the best of your success: a guide for winners

Congratulations! You just won an award. However, your job is not over just yet. The next step is to reap the benefits of your outstanding achievement and communicate your success in the best way possible. Only then the marketing value it can bring to your business becomes more prominent and amplifies its effect tremendously. 

Here are 8 award-winning tips to publicize your Eventex award 👇👇👇

1. Make the most of the Eventex winner’s pack

After winning an award, you will get a marketing package we’ve carefully prepared to help you announce your success in the most beneficial way. PR materials, visual aids and commemorative tokens - make sure you get the most of them and use them at as many touch points as possible.

All Eventex winners get to receive:

  • A certificate of excellence
  • A digital seal for your website, email signature, ads, etc.
  • PR materials provided for your own use
  • Promotional campaign of your work via our social media and other channels
  • Points for the ranking on the Eventex “Top Event Organizers & Agencies” Index

Feel free to use, share and reshare all information that serves your purpose. 

2. Communicate the award on your website

Enhance your website with information about your success. Write an article in the news section, dedicate a subpage to your honors and awards or add the digital seal (provided by us) to an appropriate section of the webpage - home, footer, header. We recommend choosing a highly-visible place for the winner’s seal on your website to guarantee long-term visibility of your achievement and boost your image in front of everyone who comes to visit your website.

3. Include in your email signature

Add the winner’s digital stamp to your email signature to serve as a credibility enhancer for all current and prospective customers or partners. Alternatively, just include a mention of the fact that you are a winner below your job information, e.g. Winner of Eventex Award 2023.

John Doe

Sales & Marketing Director

My Company

T: 111 222 333 | M: 111 222 333


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4. Brand your advertising materials

The Eventex winner’s seal can be used on templates, stickers, business cards and all other marketing materials your company uses and distributes. This is an easy way to build your image as a successful and reliable company.

5. Share the good news on social media

Your channels already have followers that will be more than happy with your achievement and, what is more, they will be eager to spread the word even further. 

You can write an enticing post, share an image or record a celebratory video. So why don’t you share an unboxing video of the Eventex trophy or post a picture of your team with the latter? Another good idea is to record your CEO or project manager giving a brief speech to acknowledge the award and what it means to your company.

Don’t forget to update the cover photos and the sections of your social media profiles to reflect your success in the Eventex Awards - you will receive all necessary visuals and information. Mention your newly-won award in “About us” on Facebook, in your Twitter bio or in “Accomplishments” on LinkedIn. The fact that you are a winner should be evident for everyone in the years to come.

6. Spread the word via email

Send an email or newsletter to your current or prospective customers and partners, informing them of your accomplishment and what it means to your business. Use the Eventex award as an advantage in future negotiations. Who doesn’t love a winner?

7. Tell your story in detail

Adapt the PR materials that we send to create a blog post, a newsletter or even a press release for regional or national media. Give more texture to your story and tell about the passion, creativity and hard work that made you a winner. People love success stories and you earned the privilege to tell yours. 

8. Show your award to current or potential customers and partners

Physical trophies and other tangible accolades catch the eye, create a special atmosphere in the office and win the clients’ confidence at first sight. 

With Eventex you get a digital certificate of excellence that you can easily print and frame.

Еventex trophies are eco-friendly and have a modern design that will definitely draw the attention of everybody coming to your office. You get the opportunity to order them on request even for past editions of the Eventex Awards if you are of course among the winners. 

Winning an award is a great achievement but the marketing value that comes with communicating it effectively is an even greater asset. Go on and make the best of your success!

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