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The "Top 100 Event Organizers & Agencies" for 2023 are here - see thе full list
December 26, 2017

Exclusive: The winning entry checklist

Exclusive: The winning entry checklist

You may have pulled off the most amazing event ever, however, the jury will only be able to evaluate it based on the information you provide them with. So, to take home that Best Event Award, you need to first put together the best entry.Below, you can find the winning entry checklist - your ultimate guideline for filling out your Eventex entry and sweeping away the competition.You’re welcome!

✓ 3-minute video

This is one of the most important if not THE most important element of your entry. A well edited video is sure to give a better idea about your event than a written description. If you don’t have video footage, just compile a short presentation with images, graphics and illustrations to get your point across.

✓ Short summary

The first question of the application form requires you to provide a short summary of the event. It is a good idea to create the summary once you’ve answered all questions. This way, you’ll be able to provide a summary that describes the most important aspects of your event in just a few words.

✓ KISS (keep it short and simple)

You’ve got just under a minute to grab the jury’s attention, so you’ve got to keep it short and simple. It is crucial to convey all the information in a concise manner. At the same time, you want the jury to keep on reading till the end with the same level of interest. Pay attention to the wordcount. Carefully lay breadcrumbs of information revealing the uniqueness of your event but don’t overdo it - most people don’t like to read texts full of clichés, big words and little substance.

✓ Use bullet points

Bullet points are not only easier to read but also a great tool to help you stick to the point and be concise.

✓ Context

Always provide the context in which your event was conceived, planned and organized. It is always a plus when your event was created as a part of an integrated organisational or marketing development program.

✓ Objectives

Apart from originality and wow factor, the jury members will be looking to find out how your event achieved its objectives. Make sure you clearly define the objectives and explain how the event accomplished what you had set out to do.

✓ Proof

If you have collected feedback from participants in the form of a questionnaire or testimonials, it is always a good idea to include these data. Just remember, the evaluation of your event should correspond to your preset objectives, so you can prove that you achieved them.Here's a video summarizing the most important points by jury member and event ROI guru, Elling Hamso.

So there you have it - the winning formula for a winning project. Good luck!

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