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September 21, 2016

The Eventex Team Meets Dublin

The Eventex Team Meets Dublin

As you already know, Eventex has grown, it has grown so much that it now wants to travel. For 2017, we chose Dublin as home to our Eventex, so naturally we had to go on a famtrip and check it out for ourselves. We had just a couple of days and tonnes of work to do, but we still managed to take a sneak peek of the venue and experience some of what the city has to offer.

First things first: Croke Park

Croke Park in all its glory: pitch perfect and ready for the big game

Our main mission was to explore Croke Park from every possible angle. We took the grand tour of the facilities, meeting rooms, museum and the stadium itself. The amazing heritage of the place is truly inspiring, and history is lurking around every corner. The stadium offers a spectacular view of the city, the so-called skyline tour. From there we could also see the pitch being patiently groomed for the upcoming All-Ireland football final - one of the most anticipated sport events of the year. On the inside, the venue was also buzzing with business meetings and celebrations, busy staff and talkative delegates.

It’s always eventful at Croke Park

Speed sightseeing

The Long Room at Trinity College: if books could talk...

Just like speed dating, speed sightseeing is not nearly as satisfying as a proper date. We enquired about all the city landmarks worth seeing, and we will share the highlights of the long list with you in a future post. However, during our famtrip, we decided to dedicate our time to Trinity College and the Old Library.It’s as spectacular as they say. The smell of books is the first thing that hits you, before you’ve even entered the library. Then, the sheer size of the Long Room, the number of books and the authenticity and intricacy of the Book of Kells make you want to sit down and simply admire this visual representation of knowledge.

Dublin’s so hot right now


When we weren’t out sightseeing or site inspecting, we spent our time on sunny terraces and moonlit pub gardens. The weather was just fantastic and everyone was bragging about it, like they couldn’t believe their luck in the middle of September. However, we were promised that even in January, the weather will be mild and quite bearable.

Not a single drop of rain - just colourful decorative umbrellas...

But also cool

Our spare time was spent wisely in busy pubs, beer tasting, observing locals in their natural habitat and occasionally talking to strangers about random things. Friendly, cheerful and just cool - the people of Dublin made us feel welcome in every minute of every hour of our stay. From the staff at Croke Park Hotel to every bar, shop and street corner, the ambiance was positive and relaxed (excluding the group of overly excited students who were all over town celebrating having passed some exams - they seemed positively thrilled but not so relaxed).

Artistic, colourful and cool: this is Dublin


  • It’s difficult not to look like a tourist especially when crossing the street while looking in all possible directions at the same time
  • Too many pubs to visit in a lifetime
  • The Adventure Room Dublin with only 25% success rate (challenge extended!)

In conclusion


We can honestly say Dublin and Eventex is a story of love at first sight!Dublin is a vibrant place, full of life, history, culture, but also modernity and colours, it is also how we’ve envisioned Eventex throughout the years and how we want to see it into the future. There is a reason why the city is a popular international tourist destination - the people are warm and cheerful, and while there are a heap of attractions and a buzzing nightlife, Dublin is also a very serious European business hub.

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