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April 15, 2024

Eventex events industry trends: Leveraging AI to transform events

Eventex events industry trends: Leveraging AI to transform events

With Gaurav Chauhan, Head of Events & Experiences, Google India 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to dominate the agenda of numerous industries and the events sector is no exception, as also noted in The Eventex Events Industry Trends Report. It is certainly a trend deserving in-depth exploration and not just its impact, but rather, its benefits and applications in planning and executing events.  

Leveraging AI in events 

Diving into the world of event planning with AI is like opening a treasure chest of possibilities. Here's how AI might revolutionize every phase of events, making them not just gatherings but unforgettable experiences.

Pre-event AI applications

The use of AI should start well ahead of the actual event. Here’s how AI can make a difference in event preparation: 

  • Venue hunting made easy — Forget the spreadsheets! Use AI tools to analyze things like how well a venue has done with similar events, the crowd demographics, and even local weather patterns, to help you find the perfect space.
  • Budgeting without the headache — Ever wish you had a crystal ball for event costs? Adopt AI tools that can analyze past expenses, vendor pricing… even what attendees have said about past events, to help you get those budget predictions right.
  • Messages that actually get opened — Use AI tools to personalize event invites at scale, based on invitees’ past attendance, their interests — you name it. This approach definitely will get more people interested and bring them through the door.
  • Invitations that stand out — Need design help? AI design tools can represent what your event is about and get creative invites that fit the vibe. This is undoubtedly a huge time (and money) saver. 
  • Goodbye, data chaos — Custom AI registration and data tools can make check-in smoother and mean you're offering personalized experiences right from the start.

Using AI during the event 

Naturally, AI has a lot of applications during the actual event, making it smoother, more personalized, and memorable. 

  • Networking that isn't awkward — AI can actually match attendees based on shared interests, making those meet-and-greets way less random.
  • Moments that 'wow' — Imagine AI creating real-time video highlights of your best speakers, or personalized photo albums for attendees afterward. Talk about shareable content!
  • No blank stares during Q&A — AI tools can help with live captioning, presentation summaries, and multilingual synopsis even suggesting audience questions on the fly.
  • Tailor-made experiences — What if AI could suggest sessions to someone based on where they're hanging out, or recommend exhibitors they'd actually like? Suddenly, the event becomes much more personal.
  • Feel the pulse (and react) — Tools that use AI to track social media buzz and feedback mean you can change things up on the spot if something isn't working.

Post-event use of AI 

Last but not least, let’s not forget the post-even applications of AI. 

  • Analytics that tell a story — AI can make sense of all that data you collect, showing you what people really loved, what flopped, and which metrics matter for next time.
  • Build loyalty — Take that event data and put it to work! Let AI help personalize your follow-up messages, and tailor what you offer for that person's next event — that's how you build a following.
  • Leads (not just business cards) — AI can spot the most engaged attendees, and even help personalize your follow-up with them. Turns that stack of cards into real opportunities for sponsors.

Just the tip of the iceberg 

Event planning is getting a serious tech upgrade, and the cool thing is, it doesn't mean losing that personal touch. It's about working smarter, to make those attendee experiences better than ever. It's a game-changer, and the possibilities are endless.

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