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January 25, 2017

Eventex Awards: All Winners Squad

Eventex Awards: All Winners Squad

The superheroes in the marvelous world of events

Every year Eventex Awards honors the most outstanding achievements in the world of events. The 7th edition of the awards show saw some of the biggest names in the industry across the globe, competing for an accolade. Event and tech companies from UK, USA, Netherlands, Israel, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Russia, Poland, and Portugal made the list of finalists in 19 award categories. The winners were announced last night at a special ceremony in Croke Park’s Hogan Suite.In the event tech categories, Feathr won the Best New Event Technology award, Slido won Best Event Technology, and Attendify went home with the Best Event App award. Best Interaction Technology was won by Verve the Live Agency with their Wall of Support at the VHI Womens Mini Marathon.BMW - The Art of 7 by CREATIVE PRO won the award for Best Product Launch. Momentum Worldwide picked up the Best Trade Show award for Microsoft Future Decoded 2016. The agency also won Best Experiential Event award for The Floating Gaardens. Best Association Meeting was awarded to CEO Summit 2016, with the ESPID 2016 - Paediatric Infectious Diseases Meeting by Kenes Group coming very close to claiming the award. IDTV Live won Best campaign for the Anniversary Concert Jostiband Orchestra.The publicly voted People’s choice award went to Xsaga’s Allerhande Kerstfestival, the event also won the Best Brand Engagement award. Sipahiler Events’ Istanbul TALKS Inspired 2016 Conference was the second favourite event among voters. The final award for the night was the most closely contested category - Best Event, where FEIRA VIVA - Cultura e Desporto e.m., Grasl & Partner Event und Marketing GmbH, Momentum Worldwide, Tapahtumantekijät Oy, and Magnum Events all came within 0.21 or less points from the winner, who was Walk Events with a score of 8.71 for the VERVA Street Racing 2016 - National Automotive Festival.

Facts and figures

Countries represented: 17Award distribution per country: 5 awards going to the US, 4 to the UK, 3 to the Netherlands, 2 to Poland and Slovakia, 1 flying to Austria, 1 to Portugal, 1 staying in Ireland!Highest score in any of the categories: VERVA Street Racing 2016 - National Automotive Festival with a rating of 8.71/10.Company with most awards for the night: Momentum Worldwide, Xsaga, and Walk Events with 2 awards each.Event company with most events making it to the finals: The Oval Office bvba and Verve The Live Agency with 3 events each.Event with most awards for the night: Allerhande Kerstfestival and VERVA Street Racing 2016 - National Automotive Festival with 2 Eventex AwardsMade the list in the most categories: Verve The Live Agency who competed in 5 categories… with 6 entries because they had 2 different finalists in a single category!Previous Eventex Awards winners who won again: Momentum - Best Event Agency and Event of the Year for Microsoft Future Decoded 2015; Xsaga - Best Cultural Event for Opening new entrance building Van Gogh Museum and  Best Campaign for National Museum Week; IM Creative made it two Best Fundraising Event awards in a row - for The Crease in 2015 and for Home in Ohio in 2016!Here’s the full list of winners from the 7th Global Eventex Awards:

Best New Event Technology

Winner: FeathrFrom boosting registrations and sponsorships, to 365 engagement and monetization, Feathr brings all of digital efforts under one roof. Feath’s digital campaign lasts before, during and after the event by turning window-shoppers into customers and keeping them engaged throughout the year, thus expanding the digital reach of the event.Second prize: Attendify Leads (Attendify); EventHalo

Best Interaction Technology

Winner: VHI Womens Mini Marathon Wall of Support (Verve The Live Agency)The “Wall of Support” allowed runners and their friends/family to leave messages of support using the official website. Each runner’s race badge had an RFID chip embedded to track their race time. A custom software detected runners as they passed by, and automatically send the messages meant for them.Second prize: Attendify Leads (Attendify)Third prize: TapCrowd (etouches); Electric Ireland #StayHappy AR Experience at The National Ploughing Championships (Verve The Live Agency)

Best Event Mobile App

Winner: AttendifyAttendify helps event planners build deeper relationships with their attendees through engaging, social-first mobile event apps. The app is customizable and lets you select your own features by simply dragging and dropping to create the framework of your custom-branded app. Every app created with Attendify is a fully featured private social network which is deeply integrated with a robust event guide.Second prize: VHI Womens Mini Marathon Wall of Support (Verve The Live Agency)Third prize: The Wall Street Journal Event Platform (Etch)

Best Event Technology

Winner: Slido - Audience Interaction ToolSlido is an award-winning audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows event organizers to crowd-source the best questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share slides with their audience in real-time. Slido bridges the gap between the presenter and the attendees, by allowing everyone in the audience to easily ask questions and express opinions.Second prize: AttendifyThird prize: Boomset

Best Cause Event

Winner: YPO/WPO Angeleno’s WWII Victory Celebration and President’s Retreat (Extraordinary Events)YPO/WPO Angeleno celebrated The Greatest Generation, veterans of WWII, at a President’s Retreat at a private airplane hangar. Battle reenactments and a Larry King-led panel of vets sharing real-life stories were emotional high-points of the day. The stories are still being shared months later and it was a day that will never be forgotten as it generates more interaction and honest sharing among the chapter members.Second prize: “You’ve got to pick a pocket or two”: taking on the #artfultaxdodgers for 38 Degrees (Produce UK)Third prize: 2016 Transplant Games of America: The Opening & Closing Ceremonies (IM Creative)

Best Fundraising Event

Winner: Home in Ohio (IM Creative)OhioHealth, a U.S. regional healthcare and hospital system, held the Home In Ohio event to raise funds in support of their mission to improve the health and wellness of the region. The event raised over $1 million for communities throughout Ohio, and was a raving success. Ultimately, guests were thrilled with the fresh, one-of-a-kind OhioHealth experience.Second prize: Ecadem - One smile is enough to change our world (Casta Diva Group)Third prize: Novak Djokovic Foundation Charity Dinner (SAY WHAT?SRL)

Best Cultural Event

Winner: Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria - "Medieval Journey" (FEIRA VIVA - Cultura e Desporto e.m.)For 12 days, the historical centre of Santa Maria da Feira returns to the Middle Ages. Through the re-enactment of decisive episodes from Portuguese history, the Medieval Journey has established itself as an exceptional cultural and tourism product. Focusing on the re-enactment of pivotal episodes and events from local and national history, the Medieval Journey has now spread to the entire historical centre (about 33 hectares).Second prize: RTÉ Reflecting the Rising (Magnum Events)Third prize: Magical Lantern Festival (Weli creative Ltd)

Best Festival

Winner: Magical Lantern Festival (Weli creative Ltd)Magical Lantern Festival made its debut in London, with a celebration of the Chinese New Year – a 75-minute cultural adventure walk-through experience which included 52 groups and 1000s of individual large lantern installations, each group with different meaning. The Magical Lantern Festival has instantly become one of the most popular and top winter attractions in London and hopes to become an annual event.Second prize: Allerhande Kerstfestival (Xsaga)Third prize: OUE Skyspace LA Grand Opening Block Party (Extraordinary Events)

Best Sporting Event

Winner: VERVA Street Racing 2016 - National Automotive Festival (Walk Events)The 7th edition of VERVA Street Racing 2016 was not only an automotive festival but an eight-hour spectacle, that combined the image of the automotive industry with elements of entertainment. The turnout – more than 30 000 participants. The new concept of the event was very well received, and a high percentage of surveyed visitors plan to participate next year as well.Second prize: VHI Womens Mini Marathon 2016 (Verve The Live Agency)Third prize: Djokovic & Friends (SAY WHAT?SRL)

Best Trade Show

Winner: Microsoft Future Decoded 2016 (Momentum Worldwide)Microsoft Future Decoded returned for its third successful year better than ever, inviting business and tech guests to unlock the future of their businesses, and further reinforce Microsoft’s position as thought-leaders in digital transformation. 2016 was Future Decoded’s most successful year yet - 60% bigger, sponsorship sales of $1.6m, 5000+ leads scored, and social reach estimated at 63.7m.Second prize: Innovation Expo (Obsession Evenementen & Communicatie)Third prize: Connections Events (Connections), Cacao Barry World Chocolate Masters (New Balls Please)

Best Brand Engagement Event

Winner: Allerhande Kerstfestival (Xsaga)Allerhande Kerstfestival took place at the Railway museum in Utrecht, Netherlands. The festival was organized by Xsaga for Albert Heijn (AH), the largest Dutch supermarket chain, in order to assert their market position as the premium destination for Christmas shopping. For the first time in its history, the retailer positioned the event in the centre of the marketing mix and created its own unique branded content.Second prize: Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture (Bank of Ireland); Global Journey - Detox Day (The Oval Office bvba)

Best Campaign

Winner: Anniversary Concert Jostiband Orchestra (IDTV Live)Jostiband Orchestra is the world’s largest orchestra for people with a mental handicap. For the 50th anniversary they wanted to celebrate with their biggest concert to date. More than 11 000 people attended the concert. At the same time, the endearing message and the enthusiasm of the people spreading it, made for a hugely successful campaign and continuous media coverage.Second prize: SEAT Ateca Prelaunch (The Oval Office bvba)Third prize: Recht doen aan slachtoffers (Obsession Evenementen & Communicatie)

Best Experiential Event

Winner: The Floating Gaardens (Momentum Worldwide)The Floating Gaardens is a brand engagement event produced by Momentum Worldwide for Hoegaarden Brewery, the producer of a premium, craft beer with incredible taste and heritage. The event was conceived as an engaging sensorial bar experience, that took place on a unique barge, The Floating Gaardens sailed around London’s canals, becoming a highly talked about summer destination.Second prize: InBev - Brewed by Nature (The Oval Office bvba)Third prize: The Hyundai FanDome (Produce UK)

Best Product Launch

Winner: BMW - The Art of 7 (CREATIVE PRO)The Art of 7 for BMW’s 7 Series was an exclusive 350 VIP guests event, that aimed to introduce the new model to the CEE market. It marked the launch of the newest member of the BMW family on the Slovak market, and communicated its new features through 7 artistic values, showing BMW as a leading innovator in the automotive industry. The show was televised on 5 different TV networks, covered in 3 automotive and 4 lifestyle magazinesSecond prize: Next Generation Scania (Staff Eventos)Third prize: Come Hang with Us - Time Out and Team Building Activity Launch at Croke Park Meetings and Events (Croke Park Meetings and Events)

Best Association Meeting

Winner: CEO Summit 2016 (Consumer Technology Association)CEO Summit is an invitation-only event that brings together top level decision-makers from major consumer technology companies to meet and network in an exclusive, executive-only environment. The twentieth anniversary of the summit had multiple General Sessions and business excursions compared to previous years and was a memorable experience for the attendees.Second prize: ESPID 2016 - Paediatric Infectious Diseases Meeting (Kenes Group)Third prize: RCOG World Congress 2016 (Hampton Medical Conferences)

Best Conference

Winner: Connections Events (Connections)Connections is the global networking and event organiser exclusively serving senior leaders and experts in luxury, wellness and meetings. Connections Events is proposing a new format of experiencing something together whilst discussing business, attaching an emotion to each meeting. This helps build trust between the different parties involved and leads to longer-lasting business relationships.Second prize: Pioneers Festival 2016 (Media Apparat PHQ GmbH)Third prize: Westland Family Conference (Masters in Moderation); Engage Prague 2016 (Socialbakers)

Best Corporate Event

Winner: BWT Water live 2015 (Grasl & Partner Event und Marketing GmbH)For the 25th anniversary of BWT, Grasl & Partner orchestrated a magical three-day event including a welcome night, a house fair showcasing BWTs products, the Water Live 2015 Gala Show, a matinee with a chamber orchestra and a farewell dinner in Red Bull´s Hangar 7 for 600 business partners and lead clients from 32 nations. The celebration brought BWTs partners, peers and friends together for the first time.Second prize: Praguematism – Tieto's kick off (Tapahtumantekijät Oy)Third prize: Grand Hotel Google (Verve The Live Agency)

People’s Choice

Winner: Allerhande Kerstfestival (Xsaga)Second prize:Istanbul TALKS, Inspired 2016 Conference (Sipahiler Events)Third prize: “You’ve got to pick a pocket or two”: taking on the #artfultaxdodgers for 38 Degrees (Produce UK)

Best Event

Winner: VERVA Street Racing 2016 - National Automotive Festival (Walk Events)Second prize: Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria - "Medieval Journey" (FEIRA VIVA - Cultura e Desporto)Third prize: BWT Water live 2015 (Grasl & Partner Event und Marketing GmbH)Congratulations and kudos to all of our finalists! It’s not easy to do what you do, that much we know. But your work was inspiring and imaginative, and we hope to see more of that throughout the new year of events. See you in 2018 for the 8th edition of Eventex Awards!

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