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November 8, 2022

Eventex 2018 Jury Yearbook: Zuzana Adamson

Owner & Publisher at MICE CEE

Who are you really? Every person is a specific destination, reflecting the laws of universe pulsing in it. Following the energy, trying to be as conscious as possible... Above all, we are spirits.Personal credo... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.When you were a kid, you wanted to be… A fashion designer and a writer.You became… A business woman and writer.What would people say about you based on your handwriting? – Nice and easy to read.Which book do you think everyone should read? – "The Secret"Would you rather be the funniest or the most intelligent person in the room? – It depends on the people around me in the room and what the meeting would it be about.The hardest thing about being in events... is that there are a lot of interesting people, information, knowledge, meetings - and sometimes one can feel "overnourished." This intensity sometimes leaves little time to "digest." The key is to be selective and organize your programme in advance.And the easiest? – Fun, people, education, meetings, hustle and bustle, the energy and creativity around the event..Describe how you imagine a conference 100 years from now… No smartphones, no iPads, no computers, just telephatic communication and sharing. Every idea will go directly into space and will be captured by the audience, and maybe, at the same time be connected to direct action.The conference will be transformative via the consciouss focus of participants, and the conclusions made will be immediately reflected in the reality - they will create the reality.The best advice you ever received… Just keep going and you will see.Honest arrogance or hypocritical humility? - Honest arrogance for sure.Action or thriller? - Depends on quality of the movie.Surprise ending or a happy ending? –  I am always interested in quality of the movie, quality of the director, of camera, etc... so no preferences about the storyline.Practice without theory is… Sometimes theory can help improve the practice.Less is more when… You know, I am not a big friend of this kind of phrases because experiences in life are so various -  for me it is a simplification and categorisation... And may be exactly here - less is more.At the end of the day… when there is the queen of the night coming - you are witness of the exchange of the governance on the sky -  Sun, the King of the Day is slowly disappearing  behind the horizon, and at the same time, the Queen of the Night is appearing, surrounded by thousands of Stars, ecstatic beauty of the moment...

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